Former Reality Star Tila Tequila Is Now A Full-Fledged Nazi Who Supports Trump (TWEETS)

Singapore-born reality star, turned White Nationalist, Tila Tequila (anyone else see the irony here?) was seen over the weekend at a party full of alt-rights who gathered in Washington, D.C. to celebrate their newly elected “Emperor Trump.” She even tweeted about it along with a picture of herself and two others giving the Nazi salute.

Isn’t she charming? But she doesn’t stop there. Nope. She follows that up with another tweet of herself in front of the new Trump International Hotel in D.C. along with the caption “Taking over! It’s our world now! #DealWithIt”

She’s not done yet.

She even claims she “willed Trump into Presidency.”

She goes on for HOURS tweeting the nuttiest stuff I’ve seen in a long time, and this is coming from a girl who just read Trump’s now going on 2-day rant about the cast of Hamilton!

In an interview with The Daily Beast on Saturday, Tequila said:

“I went full circle from the liberal stuff, and all that…I wouldn’t want my daughter growing up in that.

I’m becoming more conservative ever since I became a mother,” she continued. “I wouldn’t want porn all over the internet [for instance]…Law and order, I think that’s very important to have. Most people are so used to being all about their ‘freedom,’ so they becomes these little crybabies. They can’t live by laws and rules. Civilization needs to be civilized.”

I’m not sure what her motive is here. More attention, maybe? Well, she certainly has it from alt-right Trump supporters now. Maybe this is her way of finally winning at something?

Featured Image via Twitter

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