First Somali-American Representative Attacked By Bigoted Cab Driver As She Leaves White House

Ilhan Omar became the nation’s first Somali-American representative in November but even that isn’t enough to keep her from becoming a target in Trump’s America. On Monday, she was subjected to the “most hateful, derogatory, islamophobic, sexist taunts and threats” she has even been forced to endure when a bigoted cab driver picked her up from a meeting at the White House to take her back to her hotel.

Omar told her harrowing tale on Facebook:

I spent yesterday afternoon at the White House, learning about policy ideas states could implement in the areas I am passionate about. On my way to our hotel, I got in a cab and became subjected to the most hateful, derogatory, islamophobic, sexist taunts and threats I have ever experienced.

The cab driver called me ISIS and threatened to remove my hijab, I wasn’t really sure how this encounter would end as I attempted to rush out of his cab and retrieve my belongs. I am still shaken by this incident and can’t wrap my head around how bold being are becoming in displaying their hate towards Muslims. I pray for his humanity and for all those who harbor hate in their hearts.

Omar says she doesn’t intend to report the incident until she is “back home safe in Minneapolis.”

“He knows the hotel I am staying at and [I] don’t feel safe enough to say anything at the moment,” she added.

Akhilesh Megawatt, Omar’s representative, said that Omar doesn’t want to be distracted by the hatred of one bigot. Rather, she wants to spend her days in Washington doing what she went there to do.

“She wants to focus her time in D.C. attending the trainings, conferences and meetings she has scheduled over the next few days,” Menawat said.

Look at what we have become. Trump hasn’t even been inaugurated and the hatred in this country is already out of control. Welcome to Trump’s America.

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