Wife of Ferguson’s KKK Leader Supports Holding Cop Accountable for Shooting… A Dog

It’s official: anyone who hasn’t heard of what’s going down in Ferguson right now between the KKK and Anonymous has been living under a rock. This all got started with the shooting death of a young black man at the hands of a white police officer. As it turns out though, the wife of Klan leader in Ferguson, Malissa Ancona, a Klan member herself, actually does take some exception to certain innocent individuals being shot by police.

Upset at shooting, but not at Michael Brown’s

The Michael Brown shooting has quickly become a lightning rod for those hoping to bring attention to racism and police brutality in our country. Many people look at this as a fight to bring justice for a young man whose life was taken by the police. Malissa Ancona has supported such a fight herself before, but not the one calling for justice for a black man who was killed. See a page she liked from her personal Facebook:

Page calling for justice for shot dog.

Page supporting dog shooting victim. Image: Screen grab from Facebook.

That’s right. Malissa is a fan of the page “Justice for Lady shot by Officer Greg McCarthy of the Sprinville Ny police.” Yes, that’s a mouthful. So… does anyone find it ironic that this woman would call for a police officer to be held accountable for shooting a dog, a pit bull that happened to be rushing towards him, but not for one who shot a human?

Quick note: reports say the dog was charging and within three feet of the officer when the cop opened fire. Reports vary on the Ferguson incident, but it’s likely that Brown was around seven feet from the officer and stumbling forward. Let that sink in.

Malissa’s KKK connection and robe making business

I get that some people may think that looking into Malissa’s information is out of line. After all, she could just be an innocent person who unfortunately fell in love with the wrong guy. Well she definitely fell for the wrong guy, but she’s not so innocent. Look what she actually put on her LinkedIn profile:

Malissa Ancona's LinkedIn and skillpages profiles

Malissa Ancona’s LinkedIn and skillpages profiles. Image: Screen grabs, LinkedIn and skillpages.

That’s right. She listed “Imperial Klokan” of the Traditionalist American Knights on her resume. No, I have no clue what that is. Honestly, I don’t think I want to know. [Side note: I just looked it up. It’s a Klan officer who investigates prospective members. That whole “screening” part on her list of skills makes sense now.] I do love the list of skills, but this writer’s favorite thing is her Skillpages account summary. Turns out she can make robes. Who would have guessed!?

A little bit of irony goes a long way

So in case you haven’t taken a second to look at the Facebook page for “Justice for Lady shot by Officer Greg McCarthy of the Sprinville Ny police” yet, there is an upcoming event entitled “Freeze Don’t Shoot-New York Announces March On Niagra Square.” PS:  All of those letters were in CAPS, but I wasn’t going to do that to you.

Now, it’s ironic enough that a page Malissa Ancona supports has an event labeled the “Freeze Don’t Shoot” march. Definitely 10 points for irony there. Crazy ironic that she likes a page calling for a cop to be held accountable for shooting… a dog… even though she doesn’t do the same in Ferguson.  Another 10 points for irony.

The greatest thing, though, is the photo that was on the event. It has since been changed, and I don’t know if this was because of the publicity Anonymous is getting or not. After all, Anonymous recently was threatened by the KKK that they may be shot on sight. Either way, the original image of the event on a page about reaching justice for a dog that got shot by a cop, a page which Malissa Ancona supports, was this:

Post for event starring Anonymous.

Post for ‘Freeze Don’t Shoot’ event. Image: Screen grab from Facebook.

200 POINTS FOR IRONY! How perfect is that? Irony, thy name is Malissa.

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