FBI Busts Racist Domestic Terror Group: Leader Bought Guns To Execute Jews And Blacks (VIDEO)

18-year-old Shane Robert Smith was indicted this week after an FBI anti-terrorism task force discovered he was buying fully automatic machine guns to “execute” Jews and minorities.

The Albany Times Union reported that a federal complaint accused him of buying weapons and ammunition from an undercover agent on Aug 6. The list included two weapons capable of firing as a fully automatic machine gun: A Colt M16 and a MAC 10. Smith also obtained a Beretta handgun and 120 rounds of armor-piercing “green tip” ammunition.

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This indictment comes on the heels of yet another domestic terror attack last week, on the Planned Parenthood clinic on Colorado Springs. There, yet another right wing extremist got his hands on guns he shouldn’t have, and it ended with three people dead.

Until Republicans are able to call this what it is, the situation will only grow slowly worse over time. As long as they can demonize Democrats and those who support them as the enemy, it will justify the actions of these terrorists and enable the worst of their words and actions.

Neighbors of Smith indicated they knew of his issues for a long time. Most kept their doors locked because they knew he was trouble. One also said Smith ran a disturbing Facebook page.

It was mostly hateful, vitriolic words against minorities, and he was talking about hurting them and killing them and uniting them. It was pretty crazy.

Watch the video from the WTEN broadcast below:

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