Eric Holder Slams Congressman Joe ‘You Lie’ Wilson: ‘Someone Should Have Smacked His A**’

Obama derangement syndrome has been in full swing ever since he won in 2008. Even elected officials have given into it, and one of the more melodramatic displays was Republican Joe Wilson, who in 2009, interrupted President Obama during his State of the Union Address.

And during an interview with The Undefeated, America’s first African-American attorney general, Eric Holder, didn’t mince words on how he felt about Joe Wilson — or the entire Republican Party, for that matter.

“You Lie!”

Seven years ago, Representative Joe Wilson interrupted President Obama during his 2009 State of the Union Address, declaring, “you lie!” to the President of the United States.

Wilson was one of the Kamikaze Caucus, a group of ideologically pure supposed adults who sought to destroy the country because it elected a black man. I mean, you can pretty it up however you want to, that’s the truth.

Wilson’s particular outburst was inspired by President Obama’s claim that his healthcare plan wouldn’t cover undocumented immigrants, because for some reason, helping other people is a bad thing.

During his interview, entitled “A Question of Racism,” Holder didn’t hold back in his criticism of Wilson, either, nor did he mince words about the Republicans in general.

Of Wilson’s rude interruption, Holder said, “Somebody should have smacked his a–” and, “They should have . . . told him to sit the f— down.”

Did you hear that? A thousand Free Speech Warriors just cried out in anguish.

Holder then targeted the Republicans specifically, slamming their negative reaction to Obama because of his race, saying:

There is a unique feeling of fear — hatred is too strong a word — but a feeling of anger, dissatisfaction with this president.

Given the sheer number of “Make the White House White Again” tee-shirts and bumper stickers I saw, I disagree — it’s racial hatred pure and simple.

Few things place as much importance on distinctions of imaginary color as Republican America, except perhaps the core of a proton or neutron.

Wilson was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The interview in The Undefeated covered just a handful of racist attacks on Obama during his two terms, which were directed at him from a variety of sources:

But the barbs come regularly, from national figures and local nobodies alike. Some have an unmistakably racial cast. For instance, Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican nominee for vice president, used a Facebook post to demand that the president stop his “shuck and jive shtick” in explaining the terrorist siege of the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. The decidedly rotund Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wisconsin), who has served in Congress for nearly four decades, sent a written apology to the White House after being outed for criticizing first lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative by cracking, “Look at her big butt.”

…Beyond racial insults, there also have been instances of startling rudeness, such as when then-Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer wagged her finger at the president in view of the press corps as the two were embroiled in a heated discussion on an airport tarmac.

And that’s not even the sludge on social media. I’ve seen pictures of the first lady that couldn’t be anything other than photoshopped — blatantly so — but people still use them to justify, “she looks like a gorilla.” Toss in the transphobia and homophobia and you’ve got the idiot trifecta — John Kennedy Toole couldn’t have predicted these people better, and he nailed the Alt Right.

It’s apparently a “joke,” though. I thought jokes were supposed to be funny, but I guess right-wing humor is too cerebral for me.

G. K. Butterfield, the Democrat who chairs the Congressional Black Caucus, told The Undefeated:

I understand how government works and I know the deference traditionally given to the president that you do not see now. You put all of these incidents together — questioning his citizenship, the Muslim stuff, the idea that he has been infected with anti-colonialist views by a father he barely knew — and you have a strong circumstantial case. It certainly smells like racism.

The only reason you’d call it a “circumstantial case” is if you wanted to spare the feelings of the white people involved because their skin’s as thin as it is deprived of color. It’s blatant, and it’s obvious, and it takes a willfully ignorant person to deny it.

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