Donald Trump Has Univision Anchor Kicked Out Of Press Conference (VIDEO)

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was ejected from an Iowa press event Tuesday evening by Donald Trump, when he tried to ask the candidate questions on Trump’s controversial views regarding Immigration.

Ramos was removed by Trump’s security after a brief and contentious back and forth with the GOP frontrunner, as he was at the podium.

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Ramos stated that he had the right to ask a question, but Trump refused, saying in a very derisive tone, “No, you don’t. Go back to Univision.”

Trump still insists that he will get the majority of the Latino vote, and that Hispanic people “love him.”

Trump has a bad relationship with Univision recently, as he is currently suing them for $500 million over their choice to cut ties with the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants following Trump’s racist remarks during his presidential announcement speech.

Trump seemed to realize the error of his ways very soon afterwards, and allowed Ramos to return and ask his questions. However, the exchange was no less heated until the eventual conclusion.

Watch video of the exchange below:

Featured image via YouTube screen capture
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