A Couple Of Dixie Flags Come Down At Ft. Sumter, And Rebels Bring Civil War To Internet (IMAGES)

Recent Dixie demonstrations in South Carolina aren’t limited to state capitol grounds alone. Some Neo-Confederates are digging their old floppy disk computers out of the back closet of their mobile homes, setting their dial-up connections, and fighting a new Civil War online!

For example, consider their comments on a recent news article about the rebel flag’s removal from the state’s historic Fort Sumter, where the Civil War officially began. The Post & Courier’s Robert Behre reported:

On (June 25), the National Park Service, which runs the fort, issued a directive to remove Confederate flag items such as banners, belt buckles and other souvenirs from its gift shops, though books, DVDs and other materials showing the flag in a historical context may remain for sale.

On the same day, the Park Service also instructed its parks and related sites to not fly flags other than the U.S. flag and respective state flags outside their historic context.

In short, the Stars & Bars will still be on Fort Sumter, but only on one of the many masts that display the different flags that flew there over time.

But that doesn’t sit right with Bubba and Daisy Mae. Old Dixie is heritage, not racism! And if it doesn’t get returned, dammit – the South’s gonna rise again!

That was the clear sentiment of the many Neo-Confederates plaguing the page, who apparently didn’t read the entire article (or are too stupid to understand that the flag will still be there). In the process, they defeated their “heritage” argument, though, by taking a trajectory rife with racism – and stupidity, too. For example:

Of course, it’s all Obama’s fault.


And the Yankees! Like the ones challenging the Neo-Confederates online? It’s their fault, too!



Only the commies/liberals/muslims/Democrats/terrorists want the Confederate flag to come down, you know.

lib 1 lib 2


Removing the flag is just another racist, “black against white” crime.

race 1

race 2

race 3 a

(And this is where the commenters shot themselves in their own feet. That “Black on White” crime argument is the same one Dylann Roof cited on his website as inspiration for the Charleston massacre. But, nope – these commenters aren’t racist. It’s just heritage, right? And for the record, the number of anti-White hate crimes in the U.S. was 728 in the last reported year of 2013, the FBI says. And the number of anti-Black crimes? 2,263)

When the other methods don’t work, they resort to cheap insults.


And they finish the fight with a round-house slugger that reveals the intellectual context of their argument! Like, um, this one.


Think it’s time for them to cut off their dial-up connections and give up the arguments? Or maybe they should just read the damn article before commenting further? After all, as the write-up reads, the Confederate flag will remain at Ft. Sumter in a historical context – just not any additional display of it or sale of it as a souvenir item.

Feature image of South Carolina Secession flag (public domain) via Wikipedia

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