Dear Republicans, This Is How The Government Screens Refugees

America, these days, seems to live in a constant state of fear, but that fear has been ratcheting itself up over the last week, as the world is dealing with the aftermath of the horrific terrorist attack in

The right-wing is normally a xenophobic people. They are afraid of people from Latin America,  we already know that, but they are also afraid that anyone who enters our country might be a terrorist. They worry about that, despite the fact that maybe .00000000000001 percent of the world has terrorist ambitions and many of those live right here in the United States and call themselves Christian patriots.

Still, the United States isn’t just letting people in willy-nilly. There is an extensive screening process before refugees are allowed in. KWQC in Illinois listed all of the steps.

For more detail, you can read here, but here’s the synopsis:

Step 1: The UN has to determine that the applicant has been driven from his or her country and cannot return based on religion, race, nationality, political opinion or membership to a social group.

Step 2: Once they meet that criteria, they are referred to the United States.

Step 3: Homeland Security then does a background check and conducts in-person interviews.

Step 4: Then, the person gets a security clearance.

Step 5: More agencies conduct security clearances.

Step 6: More security clearance, this time against fingerprint and other databases.

Step 7: Another face-to-face interview.

Step 8: Conditional approval, once all the security checks clear.

Oh, but wait, there’s more:

Step 9: Medical screening to make sure that they aren’t carrying infectious diseases, like last year’s big fear, Ebola (no, Republicans, there is no Ebola in Syria, that was just an example).

Step 10: They are matched with a sponsor agency.

Step 11: Cultural orientation. Perhaps they’ll develop a taste for Big Macs instead of falafel.

Step 12: Another security check. 

Step 13: Finally, admission! But only after going through another security check. 

After learning about all the security checks, I’d be much more comfortable living next door to any Syrian refugee than an ammosexual with anger issues, who bought his gun at a gun show because he couldn’t be bothered with paperwork.

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