Darren Wilson Secretly Got Married And Michael Brown Is Still Dead

Whomever first said endings mark new beginnings probably did not have Darren Wilson in mind.  Before the Grand Jury even announced their ruling on whether to try the Ferguson, MO police officer for murdering Michael Brown, Wilson began moving on with his life. Alas, Brown can never have that option.

Last Thursday, CNN mentioned they’d heard Wilson planned to resign — not because he thinks he did anything wrong, of course — so he could “ease pressure and protect his fellow officers.” On Sunday, CNN’s Brian Stelter discovered Wilson’s meetings with various journalists hoping to score his first post-verdict interview. Wilson gets to pick from NBC News’s Matt Lauer, ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos, CBS News’s Scott Pelley, plus CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon, and he’ll probably pick the one that gives the most sympathetic treatment for the most money.

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Then, the New York Times dropped a bombshell on Monday: Wilson had secretly married fellow Ferguson Police Officer Barbara Spradling a month ago! And they’ve got the marriage license to prove it:

Darren Wilson Married license

Darren Wilson’s marriage license photo: New York Times.

According to the New York Times:

Records show that Officer Wilson, 28, and Officer Spradling, 37, were married on Oct. 24. One of the two witnesses at the ceremony was Greg Kloeppel, one of Officer Wilson’s lawyers. Christopher B. Graville, a municipal judge in Oakland, Mo., performed the ceremony.

It’s just as well, since they were already living in sin anyway in a house they bought in the nearby suburb of Crestwood. But of course the neighbors haven’t seen hide nor hair of them since Wilson shot Brown on August 8th. And the Daily Mail even has photos of Wilson and his lucky bride.

Wilson and Spradling

Photos of Wilson and Spradling via the Daily Mail.

Naturally, the folks on Twitter have lots to say. First there’s that matter of the $400,000 Wilson reportedly took in from donations to the CaringBridge account his supporters set up for him.

Bipartisan Report ‏@Bipartisanism  4h4 hours ago Officer #DarrenWilson has received 400k in donations, paid vacation and just got married. #Fergsuon


Oh, and Wilson’s been drawing his salary this whole time, even though he’s suspended from the police force, and he’ll probably score a hefty chunk of change from whomever lands his interview. And his lawyer’s probably shopping a book deal even as we speak.

#DarrenWilson gets married, shops his "story" & taxpayers get to foot the bill for scandalous ineptitude by an unopposed prosecutor & cops.

Gawker offers a sarcastic congratulations:

Gawker ‏@Gawker  5h5 hours ago Congratulations to the happy couple! (Arrest Darren Wilson.) http://gaw.kr/eMl5tlo

Some suspect Wilson got married so his fellow officer can plead the Fifth Amendment if he goes to trial:

Saeed Jones ‏@theferocity  7h7 hours ago (Now that Darren Wilson is married; his partner — also a cop — can plead the fifth. Ah, yes. The sanctity of marriage.)

Many feel resentful that Wilson can get married and have a happy life and that Michael Brown will never have the chance.

Sarah Kendzior ‏@sarahkendzior  7h7 hours ago I don't care that Darren Wilson got married. I care that Michael Brown won't. #Ferguson

… And some wonder why Wilson has time to get married but no time to testify in all those other cases he was involved in and which got dismissed.

Arrest Darren Wilson ‏@ArrestWilson  8h8 hours ago #DarrenWilson has time to get married & meet the media but not testify in 5 felony cases so they dismissed. #Ferguson http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/dailyrft/2014/10/without_darren_wilsons_testimony_st_louis_county_prosecutor_drops_5_felony_cases.php …



Featured photo: CaringBridge via the Daily Mail.

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