Curious: Zimmerman Arrested, Again, Fox ‘News’ NEVER Calls Him A Thug

So what gives?

George Zimmerman was in the news again for another aggravated assault arrest. This time it was discovered he had thrown a wine bottle at his girlfriend. Zimmerman was released on $5,000 bail and ordered to surrender all his firearms. Zimmerman was cast as a right-wing hero for his roll in Trayvon Martin’s death.

The Fox News Channel has a dangerous love affair with the word “thug,” and hosts and guests pepper the term into segments every chance they get — be it on African-American criminals, or terrorists in the Middle East, or Skittle-wielding teens walking home after dark. Yet the word hasn’t once been used in reference to Zimmerman, why?

Fox “News” seems to be downright silent on Zimmerman’s latest arrest; probably because they don’t know how to shift the conversation of this story. There is no black person to paint as a thug, there is no gun to protect, and quite frankly, domestic violence doesn’t seem to be of much importance to the network.

A basic search for the word “thug” on the Fox “News” website reveals 759 results in articles and  show transcripts.

So what is the definition of a thug and why hasn’t Fox “News” ever used it on George Zimmerman?

By this definition, Zimmerman should have been labeled a thug by Fox “News” during the Trayvon Martin trial, and since his most recent arrest for violent-type crimes is his fourth, he still isn’t worthy of the term.

But this definition doesn’t apply to some instances of how the term is used on Fox “News;” they seem to be insinuating a gangster lifestyle, like the way rap artists use the term.

People who are not criminals are also sometimes labeled as thugs on Fox and other right wing sites, which is curious.

I went to the go-to slang dictionary, Urban Dictionary to see if Fox was straying from the official definition:

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Thug is the socially acceptable term for who Fox deems as a ni**er. And they keep those black folks in the same company as Al-Qaeda, ISIS, violent Russian gangs and all other undesirables. The paler criminals are just alleged criminals with problems or victims of crimes, without having their attitudes questioned.

See, it’s rare for Fox “News” to call a white person who is accused of a crime a thug, and if they’re using the term to describe a specific attribute, like a gangster, then why don’t they call white criminals trailer park methheads if they’re going as far as to paint stereotypes on people?

While George Zimmerman may be of Latino descent, Fox sided with him rather than Trayvon Martin, who was admittedly murdered by Zimmerman. That’s because the blinding white cast of Fox “News” had decided that Martin was probably acting “thuggish,” and that’s what had gotten him killed. Being a thug is a killable offense in this country, according to the right wing. Mike Brown was repeatedly painted as a “thug,” and his murder justified for that reason.

But, hey, it’s okay because Uncle Tom Ben Carson uses the word, too.

So how does Fox identify who is a thug and who is not?

The answer: Swatches.

thug alert

With this easy color indicator, “colorblind” Fox “News” hosts and their groan-worthy guests can safely decide who is a thug and who is simply a just a troubled criminal.

Bill O’Reilly used this very swatch when interviewing Dr. Marc Lamont Hill from Colombia University, when he told Hill that he looked like a cocaine dealer.

Yet, a repeat violent offender, an admitted murderer who pursued Martin after being advised not to, who got away with that murder will never grabs Fox’s ire. And if he can’t be protected, then he is ignored by the network.

But he’s no thug, just a shining example of Fox hypocrisy and their extended love affair towards anyone who guns down an unarmed black person. That’s balance, baby.

H/T: Fox News | Photo: If You Only News

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