Conservatives Happy Racist Billboard Is Gone…Because They Think It Says To Kill Whites (SCREENSHOTS)

“You wont find the lamestream media reporting on this, but if it was reversed it would be on CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC and others 24/7!” writes conservative Brian Kolfage in response to some developing news surrounding a billboard that recently appeared in Alabama.

“Al Sharpton would demand they find out who put it up and then riots would follow asking for the death of the person who paid for the ad! AM I RIGHT? are you fed up yet?” he asks, as he learned that the billboard, which reads “DIVERSITY MEANS Chasing Down The Last White Person. #white genocide,” has been removed.

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That’s right — he is outraged over the billboard, apparently because he believes that it was paid for by an African-American group in order to encourage people exterminate white people.

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The article on, to which Kolfage provides a link, the text of which was lifted directly from Fox 6, notes that the billboard was removed shortly after it was erected.

Though the article notes that this was an “anti-diversity billboard,” conservatives went wild at the thought of those dirty minorities chasing them down:

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The billboard was leased by Dyar Signs. Dyar says he was aware that the billboard dealt with diversity, but was unaware of the exact wording until the sign was put up.

“I’m not a racist,” he told Fox 6. “I’m just a businessman and this is probably not the best decision we ever made, but we rectified it and hope everybody is happy.”

Dyar and his brother personally removed the sign after they became aware of the racist message.

Some helpfully corrected the Airman and others, pointing out that the billboard was paid for by white-wing group The White Genocide Project — something he would have known, had he done more than paste an article from one source to his own web site.

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One thing that was noticeably absent from the discussion was anything resembling criticism for the hateful display — well, unless someone believes that the billboard encouraged hordes of black people to descend on poor, innocent, pure, whites, that is.

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