CNBC Host Kicks Trump Fan Off The Air After He Goes On Rambling Incoherent Rant (VIDEO)

If you are still wondering if Donald Trump’s supporters are really as racist as they seem, wonder no more. Here’s another piece of evidence from a Trump supporter who appeared on CNBC and openly called Trump a racist – but essentially says that this is a good thing. The network was forced to abruptly shut a panel discussion down when a Trump fan said that the business tycoon and reality television personality is “a racist for the American employee.”

Suzy Welch, whose husband Jack Welch was once the CEO of General Electric, insisted that many wealthy business people are actually secret Trump supporters, but that they cannot admit that in the circles they travel in. She added:

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There’s just so much social pressure. It’s like admitting in L.A. or Silicon Valley or in some parts of New York that your dog is not a rescue. The sort of people who recoil in horror [if you] don’t eat Kale.

Paradata CEO and ardent Trump supporter Scott Slinkle was also on the panel, and he agreed with Welch, but went a step further. It was his outrageous remarks that got the segment cut short. He said that common folks, like cab drivers in Las Vegas, are Trump people just like him.

I didn’t go after this discussion But they were all for Trump. I find that so fascinating because Trump Tower, Trump Casino — and if he’s a social pariah why are they engaging, why are they so open about it?

I think it’s the common people. It’s not the .1 percent elite, it’s the everyday common employee who wants to get back to work and this country has to get back to work.

You know, I’ll tell you, I think he’s a racist for the American employee. And I think that’s what people are resonating for. He wants to get America back to work. And I think that’s a great thing. I hope you don’t edit that out.

Trump is a racist alright – but not for “the American employee.” Trump wants white America to do well, and to hell with everyone else. One of his one percenter big wigs just admitted it, live on a major television network. So, if you still think Trump isn’t ginning up racism on purpose because he’s a flaming bigot himself, think again.

Watch the appalling video below, via Raw Story:

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