Christian Theocrat Says Islam Not Protected By Constitution; No Religious Freedom For Muslims

According to Tony Perkins, vice president of the Family Research Council — the same group that felt it fit to give child molester, cheater, and pathological hypocrite Josh Duggar a position of authority — Muslims don’t deserve religious freedom because Islam somehow isn’t protected under the United States Constitution.

Yes, that’s a lie. But lying through his teeth is what Perkins does.

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Liar Tony Perkins Lies. News At 11.

Tony Perkins is not a fan of Muslims, or liberal Christians, because they cramp his tyrannical, Fascist style. Pulling a page out of the NSDAP playbook, Perkins has proposed in the past that we should ban building mosques and strip Muslims (and liberal Christians) of their First Amendment rights.

Previously, he’s said that gay marriage will somehow result in more out-of-wedlock births, that evolution somehow disproves gay people existing, and that (right-wing) Christians should be a protected class — an impossible task, since you can’t protect fools from themselves.

He has a history of lying about things; so much so that he’s officially and rightfully earned the appellation “Liar Tony Perkins.”

And if you can imagine it, he was caught lying yet again on his radio program yesterday, when he claimed that Islam isn’t protected under the United States Constitution.

“Islam is not a religion, it’s an economic system”

Liar Tony Perkins went on an anti-Muslim tear while discussing the media’s use of Islam as a “wedge” to divide conservatives. In particular, he focused on the claims that disgraced Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis wouldn’t be the celebrated hero of the religious right she is if she were Muslim, an entirely valid criticism.

Liar Tony Perkins has no room for valid criticisms. That’s for adults, and I’m certain Liar Tony Perkins isn’t an adult. He went off on a tear about this, accusing the media of “interjecting” Islam “into all these discussions,” and that the difference between Davis and Sharia Law wasn’t the religion, but the legality — that is, Islam isn’t protected under the First Amendment, while Christianity is:

Religious freedom and our liberty is ordered liberty under the Constitution. And as Dr. Carson pointed out, and I know this is driving the left crazy, that Islam is not just a religion, Islam is an economic system, it is a judicial system, it is a compressive system which is incompatible with the Constitution. That’s what Dr. Carson said and he happens to be correct.

Economic systems and religions aren’t exclusive. See: Thrasymachian Mammonism, better known as “free market capitalism.” The Bible itself has enough rules about money that it could qualify as an economic system, as well. And a judicial system. And it’s completely incompatible with the Constitution.

Liar Tony Perkins continued, saying that the country shouldn’t give legal protection for people “who want to blow — I mean, when was the last time you saw a Baptist trying to blow something up?”

Funny he should mention that. And while Rudolph wasn’t a Baptist, I don’t supposed Liar Perkins is going to suddenly claim Christians don’t deserve the First Amendment and legal protection because they’re trying to blow people up too — like he’s doing with Islam and Muslims.

He proved his critics right while trying so very hard to prove them wrong. To fail this hard requires talent, dedication to the lie, and most of, absolutely zero self-awareness. For Liar Tony Perkins, that’s a trifecta.

Listen to Liar Tony Perkins Lie Below

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