BREAKING: 2 NYPD Officers Gunned Down in the Bronx, Suspect on the Run – $10,000 Reward

Two police officers were shot last night around 10:30. Officers of the 46th Precinct responded to a robbery call in the Bronx. The robbery suspect was pulled over by the authorities but refused to exit the vehicle. They were then met with gunfire. One of the officers was shot in the back and the other sustained injuries in his bullet-proof vest, which is believed to have saved his life.

Witnesses at the scene stated they heard four gunshots. Both officers are currently in the hospital but are in stable condition.

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One suspect was apprehended and the other is still at large with police offering a $10,000 reward for anyone with information leading to the arrest of the suspect. New York Police are asking anyone with information to call 1-800-COP-SHOT, and all calls remain confidential.

This shooting comes on the heels of another police shooting, one that was a premeditated assassination that was committed as a retaliatory act against the New York Police Department after the choking death of Eric Garner. When the police were exonerated of any wrongdoing, Ismaaiyl Brinsley took matters into his own hands and murdered two officers while they were sitting in their car before taking his own life.

Tension between police and civilians has been a hotbed issue over the last few months, starting with the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, Missouri. Many in the black community have come forward with stories and evidence of long-standing prejudice from law enforcement officials when dealing with people of color. The systemic problems echoed by their stories as well as the statistics backing them up should give anyone with a logical brain a moment of pause to consider the veracity of such startling evidence. Yet, there has been enormous backlash from police officials as well as conservative media and blogs.

This last incident does not appear to be linked to any of the racial and police tensions gripping the nation, and hopefully it does not create another catalyst to further divide the ideological stances that have been taken by either parties of opposition.

H/T ABC7 New York Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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