Black Civics Teacher Suspended From School, Receives Death Threats For Teaching 1st Amendment

Forget Colin Kaepernick, white America! We’ve found a new uppity black person to hate! His name is Lee Francis and oh boy does he HATE HATE HATE America! He hates it so much that he teaches civics in Massey Hill Classical High School in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

It’s true! This unpatriotic scum is disguising himself as a civics teacher so he can brainwash our students into disrespecting the American flag! It’s insidious! I wonder if he secretly works for ISIS and/or Obama’s secret Jihad?

You see, Francis was confusing his students by teaching them about Texas v. Johnson, the Supreme Court decision that says burning the American flag is constitutionally protected free speech. As an illustration of this freedom, he put a flag on the floor and then….stepped on it! Treason!

Of course, some of his students, horrified by this display of unamerican anti-patriotism left the class room to report Francis to the proper authorities. Francis was promptly placed on administrative leave and that’s when the mandated death threats and racial slurs started coming in.

Only in America can some smarty-pants Negro think that teaching American students to exercise their American freedom of speech guaranteed by the American constitution be considered American. It’s completely insane! He should have spent the time teaching his students about gun ownership because everyone knows that the only part of the Bill of Rights that can’t be limited in any way whatsoever.

As a black man, Francis should have known that his freedom of speech is limited to “Anything that doesn’t make white conservatives uncomfortable.” Why don’t they teach THAT in schools?! If only blacks could understand this simple point, they would be able to express themselves however they wanted. In private. Where no one can see or hear them.

What’s more American than that?

Featured image courtesy of Lee Francis

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