Bask In The ‘Diverse’ Glory Of The Average Face Of America’s Top 400 CEOs (GIFS)

Finally, we can put to rest that myth about the level playing field you’re always hearing about. One look at the graphic below will show you the level of equality in the grand old U.S. of A. Just look at the diversity and eat your heart out affirmative action! Clearly, America is solid in the systemic racism department. How else would you see such a range in the typical faces of the top 400 CEOs in the country from a vast assortment of industries?

Piqued your interest? Don’t believe me? Just take a look for yourself and bask in the wide rainbow of skin tones below, ranging from pasty, ghostly white to bleached olive just shy of tan. Have you ever seen such a range in the shades of one skin color in your life?

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Oh, don’t mind all those other pesky skin tones out there. Just forget they exist. But the range in Anglo skin tones below should really dazzle you. Behold! the average face of the top 400 CEOs from the industries of technology, business, retail, healthcare, utilities, transportation, entertainment, non-profits, politics and startups. Sit slack-jawed as you watch their age and hairstyles vacillate between old and middle-aged, long and short, curly and straight, prescription glasses and no prescription glasses.

Wild, right? Try not to go into culture shock – all this diversity can be tough to handle in one sitting.











The images come courtesy of SumoCoupon, which is a thrift-savvy coupon company, so beware, there is some blatant self-advertising accompanying this information, but it is interesting, informative information nonetheless. SumoCoupon put together the images by using a face-manipulation software by Psychomorph, averaging the faces of the top 400 CEOs from 10 industries, as seen above. In addition, they also put together the average age and income of each CEO from each industry.

You can read more about the sources and methodology used to compose these images, here.

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