AZ Teens Attacked By Men Wearing KKK Hoods

The Ku Klux Klan just can’t stop stealing headlines this week.

The KKK in Ferguson, MO is getting spanked by the hacktivist group Anonymous after having their Twitter account hacked and their masks removed to reveal the people issuing threats to protesters of the Michael Brown shooting, but in AZ the KKK is said to have been behind an attack on three biracial teens.

The teens were skateboarding around their neighborhood in Anthem, AZ when they said a white pickup truck pulled up next to them. The men in the truck then started yelling the N-word at the kids and got out of the truck.

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In a report by ABC 15, one of the boys’ mother, Sunny Bowen, said the teens told her:

He said they had masks over their face, and I said ‘masks like a Halloween masks’ and he said ‘no, more like what a KKK mask looks like.’ They were screaming the ‘N’ word at the children, and I mean these were adult men.

The men then stabbed two of the three teens. The two teens suffered non-life threatening stab wounds on their arms and legs and were treated and released from a nearby hospital.

The boys said the pickup truck had a white cross decal on the back window.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident.

The KKK has been getting a lot of press after issuing these threats to protesters in Ferguson, MO:


KKK threatens Ferguson protesters with lethal force. VICE

After this threat was issued Anonymous went on a campaign to unmask those who issued the threat. The video seems to have been taken down since but several KKK members were unmasked and their identities made public.

H/T: ABC15 Photo: ABC15 (Screenshot)

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