AZ Sheriff Urges Hikers To Shoot Anyone Who Looks Like An Illegal Immigrant, What Could Go Wrong? (VIDEO)

Nothing says Memorial Day weekend quite like a little trip into the wilderness. Grab yourself a pack and some supplies, pick a trailhead and go for a nice stroll to enjoy some nature. Just make sure if you do that you pack all of the essentials in case of unforeseen adventure: A bedroll, water for a few days, some extra food. A map and compass are a good idea. You’ll also want some matches and maybe some basic first aid supplies.

Oh, and in case you’re living in Arizona along the border of Mexico, make sure you also bring a loaded weapon to murder any illegals you may come across. They’re bad for America, don’t you know.

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OK, so that last thing might seem a bit over the top, right? Imagine that coming not from some internet blogger making a joke but from an actual law enforcement officer. Not just any law enforcement officer either: The county sheriff. That’s exactly what Sheriff Paul Babeu is telling the people of his county. Babeu is warning people that “Mexican assassins” from drug cartels are crossing the border there, making it unsafe to hike unarmed.

Babeu, interviewed on Hannity by fill-in host Mike Huckabee, says that the area has become extremely dangerous and that numerous arrests of cartel members have prompted “Obama,” (meaning the federal government), to post signs warning American citizens not to travel there. That doesn’t sit well with Babeu, who wants you to be able to hike into a war zone whenever you like — as long as you do so armed.

After talking about the numerous arrests, which means the area must be fairly heavily patrolled, Babeu declares that the signs warning Americans of danger are a copout. We should be sending in massive forces, which is exactly what we have been doing, and not restricting the Memorial Day fun for prospective hikers. Apparently, hiking in this particular area is very important to Babeu, who would rather see the people he protects walk into harm’s way with a loaded weapon than hike any of the tens of thousands of square miles of Arizona that AREN’T currently behind “danger” signs.

Watch the insane thinking of yet another Arizona sheriff below:

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