Armed Black Panthers Patrol Neighborhoods Against Police Brutality

An alliance of the New Black Panthers and other Dallas, TX paramilitary organizations have begun patrolling neighborhoods and marching against police brutality.

The alliance of groups, including African-American and Hispanic members, has formed as the Huey P. Newton Gun Club. Huey Percy Newton (1942 – 1989) co-founded the Black Panthers with fellow activist Bobby Seale in 1964. Newton was shot and killed in 1989 in Oakland, CA by a member of the rival Black Guerrilla Family.

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Huey P. Newton co-founded the Black Panthers. Photo by Blair Stapp, circa 1967.

Huey P. Newton co-founded the Black Panthers. Photo by Blair Stapp, circa 1967.

According to an October, 2014 press release, the Huey P. Newton Gun Club was formed for the following reasons:

In the past twelve years, the Dallas Police have shot and killed over seventy unarmed individuals. Those victims are primarily Black and Hispanic, as indicated by research last week, with 2014 shootings on track to reach a record high. The Dallas Police who perpetrated these crimes against the people have sailed through a white-washed Internal Affairs and Grand Jury process, designed specifically to maintain the status quo: the murder of individuals based on race.

This deeply unjust process has resulted in zero indictments against police officers for the murder of unarmed individuals since 1973. These violent crimes will continue to occur unless the culture of violence against communities of color is ended.

The Gun Club was also reportedly formed in response to a different pro-gun group, Open Carry Texas, whose Caucasian members had planned an armed march through Dallas’ Fifth Ward, which is primarily a community of color.

But for some reason that march never happened.

Huey P. Newton Gun Club, Dallas TX

Huey P. Newton Gun Club, Dallas TX

Photo credits: The Huey P. Newton Facebook page.

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