Anonymous Targets McKinney Police Officer Who Slammed Teen Girl To Ground

When you draw the ire of a hacktivist group, you’ve probably just really f*cked up

A video of police breaking up a pool party at Craig’s Ranch in McKinney, Texas has gained national attention since the video was uploaded to YouTube on Saturday and has been viewed more than five million times.

Two men in the video have caught the attention of Anonymous, a hacktivist group which is known to publicly display personal information in retaliation for perceived “wrongs” their targets are guilty of committing.

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The first Anonymous target is the officer who viciously threw a black teenage girl in a bikini to the ground and rubbed her face into the grass for no other reason than she was thought to have “talked back” to the officer.

In the video below, the targeted officer is seen harassing black teenagers and even draws his weapon as a crowd of boys rush to the downed girl’s side to keep the officer from harming her. He even does a roll through the grass as he runs to corral teens, which pretty much confirms the officer watches WAY too many cop movies. It’s utterly ridiculous.

While his fellow officers calmly talk to the teens, this particular officer runs from group to group cursing, harassing and arresting teens who attended the pool party. Eventually he riles the teens up enough to feel “threatened” and draws his weapon.

Here’s the video in case you missed it. At 3:02 the officer slams the girl to the ground and shortly thereafter pulls his weapon as her horrified friends rush to her side.

The teens in the video had gathered at Craig’s Ranch (most are actually residents) for a birthday party thrown by a teen girl from the neighborhood. A bunch of angry, middle-aged white residents decided there were too many black kids in their neighborhood and told the party goers to “go back to their Section 8 housing.”

In an interview with the girl who threw the party, she claims a middle-aged white woman slapped her in the face after yelling racist epithets at her and her friends and then the cops were called.

Here’s the interview with Tatiana Rose, 19, who threw the party:

Officials say that three police officers arrived on scene with reports of “multiple juveniles at the location, who do not live in the area or have permission to be there, refusing to leave.” Nine additional officers were dispatched because of the “size” (READ: color) of the crowd.

Video and eyewitnesses confirm that the officers almost exclusively targeted black teens for arrest and harassment.

Anonymous responded to the incident by creating a new account, [email protected] on Twitter and spreading news stories, videos and images under the hashtag #OpMcKinney. Once the officer was confirmed as Eric Casebolt, Anonymous began posting all of his social media accounts on Twitter, along with this message:

Anonymous is urging their followers to email, call, and message the McKinney Police Department as well as other city officials asking for Officer Casebolt to be fired for his unruly conduct as an officer of the law.

Anonymous also put out a $200 bounty for any information on their second target, a man seen in the tan shirt below, asking what right he had in assisting the police and touching teenagers.

It was soon revealed that the man in the tan shirt assisting police was Skip Davis, a community manager at Craig’s Ranch, who has a long love affair dating back to 2012 with the community pools.

The hacktivist group has been known to release addresses and social security numbers, as well as bank account and credit card numbers as was seen last year when Anonymous targeted the KKK for their involvement in silencing protesters of Brown’s shooting.

It’s unknown whether the McKinney police department is taking any extra precautions in cyber security to keep Anonymous from shutting their systems down or obtaining more information related to the officers.

McKinney Mayor, Brian Loughmiller, saw the video of the incident and was “disturbed and concerned” by what he saw. Eric Casebolt has been placed on paid administrative leave while the incident is investigated but Anonymous has said that isn’t good enough, because the officer is on “paid vacation.”

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