Anonymous Hijacks KKK Twitter Account After Klan Declares Cyber War (SCREENSHOTS)

The brewing war between the Ku Klux Klan and Anonymous has just taken a new turn. Anonymous announced that they have taken control of the Klan’s official Twitter account, and it seems that they are telling the truth.

Anonymous recently turned their many masked faces to the Klan after the Traditionalist Knights of the KKK threatened to use “lethal force” against those protesting the murder of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown.

That threat led the hacktivist group to quite literally remove the hoods from members of the Klan — a development that greatly irritated the hate group. The hacktivists posted photographs of numerous Klan members, all of whom looked strangely naked without their white hoods and nightgowns.

The Klan responded by childishly threatening bloggers who wrote about the “de-hooding” of its members. Tiffany Willis of Liberal America has been inundated with threatening phone calls since she wrote about it.


Fortunately, Anonymous stepped back in and had more fun at the expense of the group of racists. On Sunday, Anonymous posted that they had, indeed, hijacked the KKK’s official Twitter.

11-16-2014 5-55-41 PMThe Klan’s profile image was replaced with something extremely more pleasant, and an announcement was posted that it was “under anon control.”

11-16-2014 5-57-09 PM

11-16-2014 10-39-09 PM

Hilariously, the Klan had spent much of the day taunting the hacker group.

11-16-2014 5-59-15 PM

11-16-2014 6-00-31 PM

11-16-2014 6-00-09 PM

11-16-2014 5-59-51 PM

11-16-2014 5-59-36 PM

The Ku Klux Klan really should have expected them.

11-16-2014 6-10-20 PM

It’s been a terrible week for the KKK. Anonymous released identities of members, took down numerous Klan web sites, and usurped control of the official Twitter.

What will come next? Stay tuned…

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