American Racist: One Man’s Misguided Response To The Baltimore Riots (IMAGE)

All filled with rage and no clue as to where to put it – that’s Dave Southern and so many other proud, white and “totally-not-racist” American “patriots.” Dig his photo below, found skipping around Facebook, shared by those tossing about WTFs or supportive racist drivel in the stream of the home feed.


(Image courtesy of Facebook screen grab)

In the caption, Southern writes:

This photo is a response to all those un-American black punks in Baltimore, chanting ‘F*ck America’ while burning the U.S [sic] flag. As a proud American and coming from a long line of U.S [sic] Veterans, disrespecting our flag like that makes me furious beyond words.

Hey, at least he didn’t say “thugs,” eh? Forget that flags are nothing more than military markers and that the United States flag actually represents oppression and colonization to many (just ask American Indians). See if you can forget that the generations preceding Southern, in his family, fought in wars not for freedom, but for global positioning and profit, fueled by exploitation. Perhaps they were poor and felt they had few choices.

Southern continues in his lengthy caption:

I love this country for the principles and foundation that it was built on.

It’s quite possible he does – genocide, theft, biological warfare… okay, keep talking…. Seems reasonable.

Southern drones on:

Countless people have died just so you have the right to disrespect and trash talk our country.

Right! Allegedly, people did die for our “freedom.” That’s what they teach the kids, anyway. Because every war has been about America’s freedom under direct threats of losing that freedom. We’re constantly being invaded, right?

And those rights folks now have to “trash talk” thanks to all those who “died for our freedom” INCLUDE BURNING THE FLAG.

It’s not a difficult concept to understand, but perhaps circulating yourself burning a bucket of fried chicken and pouring out grape soda while holding a large gun in front of the American flag, complete with an ignorant white rant about freedom, only to conclude with that tired old line, “I have black friends/ old co-workers who also strongly disagree with Baltimore/Ferguson,” suggests you actually do not understand that concept.

Southern took it here, too:

If you honestly don’t like it here in America. [sic] Then leave. It’s as simple as that.

Because others revolve their worlds around you, then, Dave? You disagree with others protesting, so they should leave to appease your wishes? Entire cities of people should “love it or leave it” because you don’t like Americans exercising their right to protest? Perhaps, then, it is you who does not love America after all, because certainly you do not even understand America. It’s easier to buy one plane ticket than thousands.

As readers can see, Southern hits essentially upon some of the most common racist stereotypes around, while shockingly maintaining that he’s not racist because he has “black friends,” and even more hilarious “black coworkers.”

But Southern’s no mere fluffer. No, he includes a call to action, as well!

If any of my friends have any American balls and aren’t focused on that transgender washed out murderer. [sic] Then share this picture. I want this to reach Baltimore. Before anyone starts calling me a “Racist” or any of that crap, this picture is aimed at ANY pieces of shit that have burned the U.S. flag.

How many of you have “American balls,” eh?

Southern’s obviously a real macho man with clear issues regarding the LGBTQ community, too. But, you know, he probably has lots of gay and transgender friends, too. Even his transgender friends call Freddie Gray “transgender” in a derogatory tone and say he’s “washed out.” He’s no homophobe, but…

Dave Southern is the embodiment of lost white America. He wants to love his country, but he’s caught up loving a country that’s done a lot of terrible things to a lot of good people, ever since it was founded. And unfortunately, he’s been fed just enough of the Kool Aid to embrace that ugliness entirely. He sees the end result of tyranny and calls the victims the enemy without ever tracing back to the source that creates all the “black punks in Baltimore.”

And if he really loved his country’s principles, like freedom, for example, that’s EXACTLY what he would do, so the Baltimore riots would become merely a darker page in America’s history book as the sun shines on future pages.

Featured image: via Facebook screengrab

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