Allen West Claims War Vet Who Killed Chris Kyle Of ‘American Sniper’ Was Muslim Agent! (SCREENSHOTS)

Conservative pundit and former House Representative Allen West has supported some ridiculous propositions in the past, but none, I believe, come close to the moronic conspiracy theory that Marine Eddie Ray Routh, an Afghanistan war veteran, was secretly a Muslim convert who killed Chris Kyle to get revenge for all the Muslim deaths in Iraq. The reasoning? His beard!

Allen West

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The story leading to his website is linked to another blog at, which insinuates because Routh grows out his beard but trims his mustache that he is secretly a convert to Islam. They tout this as absolute knowledge for two reasons:

  1. Routh used to work in a detention center (prison) in Afghansitan with Muslim prisoners. Prisons have the highest conversion rate, and since Routh was surrounded by Muslims, he obviously converted to Islam.
  2. Shoebat claims they proved that Bergdahl and his father are secret Muslims using the same “beard logic.” On top of that, they promise they have absolute proof that Obama is also a Muslim because he allowed Bergdahl’s father to recite an Arabic passage in front of him during a press briefing.

That’s some excellent investigative work Allen West!

The reaction from his horde of anti-intellectual followers was astoundingly racist and bigoted.

bergdahl training camps Solidarity Beard shitstainmoslem POS Muslim Muslims have no place Muslims got him Mainstream media Kyle Murder POS Muslim iknewit Execute him Day one

They even found a way to tie it into the White House and bring a conspiracy against President Obama.

muslim president Obama Kyle obama murdered Pres is White House

I suppose nothing is above suspicion for foolish conspiracy theorists, but this goes beyond anything I could have contrived. How West takes a war veteran suffering from PTSD, disparages his service record, and links him to radical religious extremism because of the manner in which he shaves, is beyond comprehension. Well, thankfully he’s just a Fox “News” correspondent now, instead of a sitting member of the House of Representatives.

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