Rush Limbaugh: Racist Fraternity Chant Would ‘Be A Hit’ If Kanye Sang It At The Grammys (AUDIO)

Rush Limbaugh seriously needs to learn when to keep his mouth shut. After recently admitting that he is outdated and irrelevant, it seems Limbaugh is determined to continue to try to wave the conservative flag over everything reprehensible the world has to offer.

The latest: On Wednesday’s teeth-gnashing-white-knuckled hate show, Rush told his audience of Hoveround riding, racist, ignorant 68-year-old white men that the racist chant that got one college fraternity in big trouble this week would have been “a hit” had Kanye sung it at the Grammy Awards.

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Yes, he actually said that.

His audience no doubt nodded their heads in agreement while wondering who the heck Kanye was and when someone was going to bring them a sandwich or a nice warm broth.

Not that it matters. An online petition to Rush’s advertisers has been wildly effective and rumors have surfaced that he is being dropped in Chicago, one of the country’s largest radio markets.

It won’t be long before liberals get to live in a Rush-free world.

Listen to Limbaugh’s blatant racist hatefest below:

H/T: Media Matters | Image: Capture From YouTube

Special Thanks to Leslie Salzillo Of DailyKOS for the petition link. Anyone that anti-Rush is a friend of Charles Topher and IYON!

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