A Republican Governor Hits Trump With A Truth Bomb That Has Democrats Applauding

Rick Snyder hasn’t exactly been the best governor for the State of Michigan. In fact, he’s been one of the worst in recent memory; he’s taken his marching orders from ALEC and ended up poisoning an entire city as a result.

However, Snyder has been known to break ranks with the Republican Party, and in a recent op-ed for the Detroit Free Press, he did just that, slamming Trump for his proposed “temporary” ban on Muslim immigrants.

“Donald Trump does not speak for me”

Donald Trump’s plan to temporarily ban Muslim immigration — the operative word there being “temporarily” — highlights just how far gone down the path of fascism the Republican Party truly is.

I mean, it’s saying something when Rick Snyder is your voice of sanity — this is the man whose ALEC-inspired policies destroyed and poisoned an entire city. This is also the guy who started this whole problem by stepping away from the refugees after the attack on Paris last month.

In a Sunday op-ed for the Detroit Free Press, Snyder attempted to defend his position, reassuring everyone he wasn’t trying to ban immigration. He noted he “called for a pause on our refugee attraction program” so he could ask the feds to review the screening process, and since November, he’s been in talks with federal officials, and the discussions have been productive.

Of course, productive or not, he still slammed the door in their faces — even though he claims he didn’t. He assures us he’s a “vocal advocate for diversity” and he wants to “make Michigan a home for immigrants.” It’s mostly a bunch of excuses and backtracking with some shots at the Freep’s editorial boardwhich, really, should we expect anything else?

The real force of the piece, however, lies behind several shots at Trump and Trump’s supporters:

There are also vocal advocates for shutting the door to refugees. I am not shutting the door, although the Free Press Editorial Board has portrayed it that way and compared me to Trump. Since the newspaper rightfully criticizes him for lumping all Muslims together, I respectfully request it refrain from painting others with a broad brush.

My position is quite the opposite from those who have called for a temporary ban on Muslims entering our country because they say many bear hatred toward the American way and pose a threat.

He adds that it’s “inappropriate” to be painted with the same brush as Trump.

The biggest attack, though, is right at the beginning with an indirect comparison between Trump, Trump’s supporters and the terrorists:

Just as terrorists who betray cherished values in the name of Islam do not speak for the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, Donald Trump does not speak for me, the state of Michigan, nor the entire Republican Party.

Snyder is right. Trump only speaks for a 1/3 of it.

Snyder concludes by noting our “diversity is our strength” and scoring another attack on Trump:

For those who are angered by the indecent rhetoric and troubled that our political process is heading down an unsalvageable path, I say look to Michigan. Our diversity is one of its strengths. It helps us thrive culturally and economically. Trump’s statements are inconsistent with our spirit of inclusion.

It’s interesting he’d focus exclusively on the Teflon Don, but we know the Republican establishment hates the man. So as much as I believe Snyder when he says Trump isn’t speaking for him, it’s only because the Republican establishment and big business don’t leave Trump with enough of Snyder’s voice to speak with.

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