’You Guys Got To Go’: Milwaukee Racist Murders Three Neighbors For Not Speaking English

A 39-year-old white Milwaukee man has been charged with three counts of homicide after he tracked down and murdered three of his neighbors — because one of them didn’t speak English.

“You guys got to go”

According to the police, Dan J. Popp confronted one of his neighbors because they didn’t speak English. This escalated and ended with Popp murdering Jesus R. Manso-Perez, 40; Phia Vue, 36; and Mai K. Vue, 32.

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Police say that Popp stopped Manso-Perez and his son on while they were walking past Popp’s apartment. They declined an offer for a beer, and when Pop asked where they were from, they answered that they were from Puerto Rico. According to the son, Popp responded with: “Oh, that’s why you don’t speak English. You’re Puerto Rican.”

He then confronted Manso-Perez and his son on their return trip, killing Manso-Perez with a rifle. His 18-year-old son ran and heard a second shot likely intended for him.

When Popp was confronting Manso-Perez and his son, Manso-Perez’s son told police Popp said, “You guys got to go.”

Police state that Popp proceeded to the apartment owned by the couple Phia Vue and Mai Vue, where he kicked down the door and methodically murdered them. Responding officers were directed to the apartment by the children who escaped, and Popp surrendered after dropping his weapon.

Popp remains in Milwaukee County Jail and is set to undergo a mental competency example. He has no prior criminal history.

I would normally make a remark here about the English-only movement, since that’s what this loops back into. But even then, there was no reason to murder these people. Popp, if the charges are accurate (and they look pretty accurate), is little more than murderous fiend who needs to go away for a long time.

This is the real face of nationalism. Nationalism is a mental disease, a social cancer. And right now, that’s all the GOP is running on, particularly their presidential front-runner. Given the rhetoric, I would not at all be shocked to learn Popp was a supporter of Donald Trump. Not in the slightest.

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