Zealots Nuttier Than Ted Cruz Try To Give Him An Exorcism At A Campaign Event (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz has promised repeatedly that he will bring God with him into the Oval Office. If he’s elected he’ll make sure our constitution is observed from its Judeo-Christian origins. Jesus will have a hand in how America is governed in a Ted Cruz White House.

In other words, Ted Cruz is a zealot. His crusades would see the repeal of the evil Obamacare, which keeps precious souls from making it to heaven by curing the sick, appoint justices that would repeal Roe v Wade, giving Republicans more hungry children to complain about, and make sure all life is treated as sacred, unless you’re on death row or live in a country he would carpet bomb to keep God’s REAL children, Americans who carry guns, safe.

Ted Cruz is a lunatic. It seems only fitting that a couple of fellow lunatics would show up at a campaign event to exorcise his demons. Unfortunately, they failed; the creature that keeps his face contorted into that punchable mess refused to leave willingly.

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Watch a couple of people as crazy as Ted Cruz try to cure Ted Cruz below:

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