‘You’re Not An American!’: Video Surfaces Of Racist Trump Fans Screaming At Minority Woman (VIDEO)

In case you’re unfamiliar with your typical Trump rally, it usually consists of Trump screaming about nonsensical crap. Like Hitler (but with bad hair), Trump is brilliant at exploiting the fragile emotions of the miserably uninformed for political gain. This is just one big reality tv show for him, and we’re all just pawns in his game.

One woman’s video of Trump supporters screaming slurs at her because she held a sign saying “Minorities Matter” has gone viral on Twitter. It seems the incident happened outside a Trump rally in Dallas on Tuesday night. The woman, whose first name is Freda, wrote:

Held a sign “minorities matter” in front of trump supporters & this was there [sic] reaction #TrumpInDallas  #trumpprotest.

In the video, three vile trump supporters all took turns loudly accosting the woman. Freda quickly responded by saying “I was born in Texas.” Because of her sign “minorities matter,” the Trump fans assumed she was undocumented. My sympathies go towards anyone who has to live in Texas, nonetheless born in it. It’s like the theme park for every worst white and ignorant stereotype you can find. Clearly, this incident proved to be just that.

Watch the ugly incident below:


Featured image via Twitter

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