Your Eyes May Bleed When You See This Stupid Right-Wing Meme, But Correcting It Was Fun (IMAGE)

It’s fun to watch the world of conservative spin in motion. The party of fear wants you to believe that if the United States joined the rest of civilized world in a Socialist Democracy, the government will bust down your and take your guns because somehow those two things are related. They want you to believe that people who don’t go to college, and let’s face it, the GOP does much better with low-information voters, are being used and abused by a system that favors geeks who want things like an education and a life outside of Uncle Hal’s Tackle and Beer.

Thos geeks are liberals, and liberals love free stuff. Rush Limbaugh and Uncle Rudy both say so, ergo…college geeks just want to fail at life and get free stuff. It’s a ridiculous path that forgets things like hard work, dedication and character, all of which are just as necessary to get into a school as they are ringing up a six-pack of Natty Light and a large tub of crawlers.

Thus brings the stereotype and this meme, which may be the epitome of false information, making its way through conservative circles:

Don’t you just love it when they call it “The Democrat party? That’s The Resistance, because when the country falls to tyranny, we’ll all need to log into that cheesy blog to join the last line of defense. These people are so ridiculous. The meme isn’t theirs which means they jacked it in the first place, since it’s posted and not shared. That’s 100 percent of someone else’s work they’re using for free. Typical conservative. All about me until I’m the one getting screwed.

Then there’s the message. Are you kidding? Let’s do a little speed round to solve that one:

You decide what colleges you can go to by working hard and getting good grades. “They” would decide which ones come with the taxes you, your children and parents all pay, which would include some pretty impressive state-run colleges. You could also opt to go to a private school. In a perfect world you’d get a subsidy to do so. You would choose your degree options based on the college you decide to go to and “they” inform you of what low-cost/free housing is available. Nobody cares what kind of car you drive and yes, food choices would be limited to what is in the school’s shops and cafeteria. Unless you went out. “They” would give you the options available for guaranteed insurance regardless of pre-existing conditions and you would choose the best plan for you, unless you’re still on your parents’ plan since they can keep you there until you’re 26 now.

Oh, and a family of four earning $55K pays little more than base payroll tax. Some actually qualify for a credit. If you’re going to display stupidity this obvious, have the self-respect to get at least one thing right. The pitiful attempt at the end to come to the conclusion that college is pointless should make you weep for America. There are not enough jobs to bother with college anyway, kids. Just get your secret food stamps, never tell your neighbor you’re on SSI, join a militia and run around the woods for a while with guns.

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