Watch ‘The Young Turks’ SKEWER Sarah Palin: ‘She Has No F*cking Idea What She Is Saying’

Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, spent Monday discussing Sarah Palin’s latest incomprehensible babblings while stumping for Trump and pointed out what is becoming more and more obvious every time this walking political trainwreck opens her mouth: “She has no f*cking idea what she’s saying.”

Uygur began by playing video footage from Palin’s disastrous speech from Friday night in Milwaukee. Afterwards, he said what all of us were thinking: “What on God’s green Earth is she talking about?”

In the speech, Palin rambled on about “inducing and seducing” undocumented immigrants to come to the United States with “a gift basket of teddy bears and soccer balls.” Uygur pointed out that Palin ends everything with an “-ing,” a trick he said she learned from her days as a sportscaster. He then went on to say that normal people don’t talk that way.

She doesn’t realize that’s a dumb way of talking,” he explained. “She thinks, ‘They taught me this smart way of talking.’

Uygur then said that Palin only managed to become governor of Alaska “accidentally” because of her promise to redistribute money from the state’s oil business back to the people, something he said he actually supported himself…

That’s the only thing she ever did right and the only reason she was governor and was popular as governor,” he said. “Everything from that was downhill, ’cause she has no f*cking idea what she’s saying.

Watch Uygur skewer Palin and her latest incoherent ramblings here, via The Young Turks:

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