You’ll Want To Watch This Hilarious Trump Remix Over And Over Again – It’s That Good (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is a man of limited words, in that his vocabulary is really tiny. He loves to talk but his words seem to be limited to a lot of 3rd grade insults and bragging. In other words, he’s tailor-made for a video remix.

In this hilarious video remix, Trump is in all his HUGE glory, talking about how his opponents, especially Hillary Clinton, are all talk and no action. But “you are going to love President Trump,” who literally has just one position on his website and it has no actual policy ideas.

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Yes, the idea of a President Trump is one of the most frightening things imaginable – can you imagine him getting into a petulant Twitter war with a world leader? – but “bing bing bong bong,” we sure can have fun with it right now.

While Trump is on a somewhat meteoric rise, we hope his candidacy will hit a roadblock, but his fans seem to be unfazed by anything he says. This video probably won’t change anyone’s mind, but it gives us something to laugh about. Enjoy. Thanks, Crazy Frog Brothers.

Here’s the video:

Featured image via video screen capture

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