You’ll Pity Ted Cruz’s Poor Daughter When You See Her Reaction To Him In This Clip (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz has a strange way he deals with having his family along with him on the campaign trail. He keeps trotting them out every chance he gets, but the moment anyone casts them a sideways glance he has a temper tantrum to leave them “out of this.”

Families are generally left out of things when it comes to political campaigns unless the adult members of a family choose to insert themselves into the campaign.  Non-adult children, though, are almost always left alone. I mean who would want to be seen picking on a kid. Right?

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It’s an established rule that you don’t go after a political opponent’s children. But, what happens if those children go after the political opponent?

Here is where things take a strange path for Ted Cruz. On more than one occasion now, Ted has opted to try to force his children to be in front of the cameras at campaign stops, and it turned out to be a disaster.

On a previous occasion, Ted wanted to give his daughter a goodbye kiss as they were moving out from a small campaign stop. Her reaction was absolutely priceless and showed that everyone finds him creepy — even his own kids.


After that disastrous photo-op from Hell, you’d think that Ted would have thought “Hey, my kids don’t like being around me in public. Maybe I should relax on this stuff.”

Nope! Ted just keeps doing it, and he just keeps getting embarrassed as he does. This second incident shows what happens when, unlike the first time when she was being held, his kids can actively move away from him.

The picture below says it all, really. Ted moves in towards his daughter and she bolts away like she’s on rocket roller skates. You definitely feel sympathy for her. I would leave a room if I had to be around Ted too. Then, creepy Ted goes after her to try to grab a hold of her, but luckily she manages to slip his grasp a second time and leave the stage. It is a bit of bad optics to be sure. His daughter tries to leave, and his first thought isn’t “I’ll let her go if she doesn’t like the crowd.” Rather it’s “I’ll grab a hold of her and try to drag her back to an uncomfortable situation.” Gross Ted. Just Gross.


Featured image via screen capture

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