You Won’t Believe What This Racist GOP Candidate Got Caught Calling Obama On Camera (VIDEO)

Last week, Florida U.S. Senatorial candidate Carlos Beruff decided to perform his best impersonation of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

While addressing a small audience at a St. John’s County GOP meeting on Thursday, Beruff decided to launch a despicable racist diatribe against President Obama:

Unfortunately, for seven and a half years this animal we call president, because he’s an animal, OK — seven and a half years, has surgically and with thought and very smart, intelligent manner, destroyed this country and dismantled the military under not one, not two, but three secretary of defenses,” he said. “And they’ve all written books about it.

Beruff’s disgraceful slur even emulated one of Trump’s speech mannerisms, where he punctuates a sentence with “Ok?” The slimeball went on to accuse Obama of trying to ruin America:

Sooner or later, you’re going to find, this was a plan, he wants us to be just another country. I don’t want to be another country. I want to be the United States of America, the greatest country in the world,” he added, garnering a round of applause.

Beruff is one of the five GOP candidates running to replace Sen. Marco Rubio, who opted not to run for his Senate seat this year while vying to become the Republican presidential nominee.

He’s also a member of a water board in South Florida and has a background in real estate. Beruff campaigns as a “businessman” who’s “not a politician,” drawing parallels with Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) and Trump.

Last month the candidate called for a ban even more xenophobic than Trump’s Muslim ban. Beruff called for all people from countries located in the Middle East to be prohibited from entering the U.S.

Fortunately, this clown is currently a long-shot candidate. HuffPost polls him at just one percent, well behind the four other GOP candidates.

Here’s his campaign ad, where he does nothing but attack the president, and promise to “take America back.”

In the ad, he calls President Obama a “disaster.” However, Politico found that Beruff lied on his voter registration card in 2004 by stating he was born in Cuba, when in fact, he was born in Miami, Florida.

In response to Politico’s report, Beruff’s campaign issued a statement:

Politico should have better things to do with their time,” Beruff’s press secretary, Joanna Rodriguez, wrote to Politico Florida in an email. “Carlos is an outsider focused on bringing real change to Washington. The fact that our opponents are this desperate to attack Carlos shows how scared they are of a true outsider. This is the type of nonsense that the voters in Florida are sick and tired of and it’s sad to see Politico play along.

It appears that Republican “outsider” candidates like Beruff and Trump love to throw bombs at successful people like President Obama, but when it’s their turn under the microscope voters can easily see who’s the true “disaster.”

Featured image mashup attribution Ethan Miller/Getty and Herald Tribune.
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