You Won’t Believe What Chris Christie Says About A Race Between Himself And Hillary (AUDIO)

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is apparently living in Lala Land and he’s enjoying all of the delusion that comes with his fantasy world. In an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt on Tuesday, Christie was asked if he could beat Clinton in a race for the White House:

If I run, I will beat her.

Somebody is lying to Christie; a Huffington Post favorability chart puts Christie’s favorability at 28.3 percent. Of those polled 47.3 percent have an unfavorable opinion of him. Hillary Clinton’s favorability percentage is much higher at 48 percent. Voters basically hate Christie.

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The HuffPo also determined that they are 99 percent certain that Hillary Clinton would beat Christie in a general election. In a chart that combines data from fifty polls they estimated that Clinton would receive roughly 50 percent of the vote to Christie’s 37 percent.

In other words, Christie doesn’t have a chance in hell of beating the former Secretary of State.

As if that were not delusional enough, Christie also told the radio host that he could win Pennsylvania, New Mexico and New Hampshire– three states that Obama took in the 2012 election.


All of this is pretty big talk for a man whose own party doesn’t like him. Once the golden boy of his party, he has had a strained relationship with them since he refused to make politics a priority after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the state of New Jersey. He pissed them off further when Senator Frank Lautenberg died and instead of filling his seat with a Republican, he held a special election which Cory Booker won.

So how exactly does a man who isn’t even liked within his own party going to beat Hillary Clinton? Someone needs to bring him back to reality….fast.

Listen to the interview below:

Featured image via Observer News

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