You Will Not Believe Why Trump’s Crazy As F*ck Butler Hasn’t Tried To Kill Obama Yet

Last week, Donald Trump’s former butler, Anthony Senecal, made America’s collective jaw drop open when we found out that he’s a frothing racist that has been calling for the assassination of President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and former Secretary of State and presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for quite some time:

In posts on social media, the bespectacled butler – who was recently profiled by the New York Times – questions Obama’s nationality and accuses him of lying about being a Christian, asserting the President is actually a Muslim trying to usurp U.S. democracy.

He refers to Obama as “zero,” and calls Muslims “Muzzies,” a derogatory term.

Senecal and his Facebook “friends” and “followers” feed off one another, discussing concepts like hanging “that sleezy bastard zero” for treason, and taking up arms to fire in the event of Obama declaring martial law. (They all confirmed that indeed they would.)

But when the Secret Service went to go interview the raving nutjob, his reason for not assassinating the President of the United States was so perfectly Trumplike, I would swear he was channeling his orange-skinned former employer:

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He told the Journal he thought Secret Service wanted to make sure he “wasn’t going to go there with a rifle.” He told the agency that Washington, D.C. was “too far to drive.”

Obama is a “traitor” and a Muslim and a blablabla whatever that’s going to destroy the country but this VERY concerned citizen can’t be bothered driving to Washington D.C. to save ‘Murika. Now THAT’S what I call Trump patriotism: Long on promise, hate and rage but always short on delivery.

The bottom line here is that Trump’s former butler is a racist, tinfoil hat wearing lunatic that fits in perfectly with Trump’s base. He’s inciting others to violence because Trump and his ilk thrive on it. This is who Republicans have allowed to take over and run things. American conservatism has become dangerously rabid and it has to be delivered a crushing defeat in November if we have any hope of rehabilitating it. Otherwise, the rage and hate of Trump’s butler and those like him will consume the entire right wing and that way lies domestic terrorism on a grand scale.

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