‘You Tell Em, FLOTUS!’: Michelle Gives Soaring Speech For Hillary, Takes YUGE Swipe At Trump (VIDEO)

We can all have a comfortable night’s sleep (perhaps in Trump’s new International Hotel in DC) after Donald Trump alerted us that Present Obama was, in fact, born in America. But he’s about five years too late to put that genie back into the bottle.

Trump’s perpetually unpresidential and sophomoric behavior is not just taking its toll on a basket of non-deplorables, it’s really pissing off the FLOTUS.

First Lady Michelle Obama made her campaigning debut for Hillary Clinton today in the swing state of Virginia. First Lady Michelle Obama has remained very popular throughout Obama’s time in office. More to the point, she remains quite popular with millennials, a voting bloc Hillary just can’t seem to win over after all the ugliness between her campaign and Bernie Sanders. So Hillary needs Michelle Obama as much as possible.

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Obama not only came through for Hillary, but she took some major digs at Trump as well. When it came to Trump, she emphasized just how serious the presidency is, including mentioning how Barack had to take the call to kill Osama Bin Laden, and how unserious Trump is by comparison. After all, Trump would have likely placed the Navy SEALs on hold while he did a tour of one of his new luxurious hotels.

Then, Michelle did her best to get as many younger people (and all voters) behind Hillary.

As stated above, voters need more of a reason to vote for Hillary aside from her not being Donald Trump. The First Lady appeared to give all she had to make sure the younger audience in Virginia knew those reasons.

People seemed to be receptive to that message.

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