You Probably Didn’t Know There Was A Dem Debate Tonight

Since Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-NY) took over the office as the head of the Democratic National Committee, the committee whose job is to help Democrats win office, Democrats have been on one very long losing streak.

Even in 2012, when Barack Obama clearly and with a mandate, won reelection, Democrats by and large lost, in part because Shultz let them run against Obama’s record. She hasn’t learned her lesson yet. Democrats lost big again this November and Shultz still has her job.

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While Republicans seem to have a debate every week – all of them during prime time and during the week – Shultz has given Democrats a bizarre debate schedule that is almost certain to make sure none of us has a chance to get to know any of the candidates better. One of those debates is Saturday night. Who the hell watches a political debate on a Saturday night, a night that also has one of the most anticipated college football games of the season (Oklahoma-Baylor)? Well, I might, because I have no life and this is what I do for a living, but most people will have to read biased recaps from people like me.

There aren’t many Democratic debates, but most of them are on nights when few people will see them. One theory is that she does this because she favors Hillary Clinton, and there may be truth to that, since the race is generally seen as hers to lose, but as the last Democratic debate proved, she holds her own very well.

Even if we assume Clinton takes home the prize as the primary winner, she needs the debate practice. If we don’t assume she takes home the prize, it’s only fair and democratic that voters get to know both Sanders and (yes) Martin O’Malley better. This isn’t going to happen on a Saturday night debate.

While there are rumblings of Schultz losing her job, you can help move that along by singing this petition.

Featured image via video screen capture.

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