Yet Another Republican Candidate Retweets A Neo-Nazi (TWEETS)

The RNC desperately needs some rules on how to properly use social media if they want to continue lying they’re not in bed with the KKK and Neo-Nazis. Yet another Republican candidate — this one the challenger for John McCain — was caught republishing tweets from a Neo-Nazi.

It looks like Trump’s particular brand of fascism isn’t interested in just targeting Muslims anymore, is it?

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“. . . instigated by a Jew”

I’ve seen it joked that Twitter and Facebook are very good apps for finding racists and bigots, and it’s true. I think that Facebook has pretty much disproved the “anonymity” element is needed for people to be massive assholes to other people. Some people have no filter online, and social media captures that beautifully.

Several Republicans have found this out, including the presidential candidate, Donald Trump. The latest Republican to fall into this trap is John McCain’s primary opponent, Kelli Ward. Ward recently retweeted a user who has a history of Antisemitic, homophobic, and pro-Nazi statements.

The individual in question goes by the name Anglo Van Trapp, and has the handle @88_Odalist. He has numerous pieces of media of Adolph Hitler on his feed.

For the curious, 88 is white supremacist code; ‘H’ is the eighth letter of the alphabet, so ’88’ means ‘HH’ or  ‘Heil Hitler’ among the intellectually deficient.

Above one of the pictures of Hitler, he wrote, “Think different, think Reich:”


If that’s Reich, I’m perfectly okay being wrong.

In another tweet, he noted, “Every enemy of you and your people is either a Jew or is instigated by a Jew:”


He even defended Ward against an online story:



As you can see above, Ward replied, too.

Ward is a former state senator, and she was unavailable for comment. Thus, the responsibility was passed off to her communications director, Stephan Sebastian, who spewed some of the most delightfully spun hogwash you’ll ever read. According to Sebastian, Ward rejects racism (because of course she does) and wouldn’t knowingly engage with another who made those kinds of comments.

So why did she get into the exchange? According to Sebastian:

She doesn’t have the time to go through every tweet from every single person out of 15,000 that have ever connected with her.

That sounds great. Her campaign even sent a picture highlighting her family, which includes an African-American step-mother, because as we all know, you can never be racist if you have black people in your family, or if you have black friends. I mean, never ever.

Also, let’s ignore the fact that the Daily Beast is reporting that Ward recently called in a self-described white nationalist for support. According to the campaign, that was completely unintentional:

All campaigns use fundraising lists of people who have donated to other campaigns in the past and this guy was on there. Dr. Ward called through the list and he identified himself as being a white nationalist and she declined his support and disagreed with his views.

I’m sure she does. And the only reasons he doesn’t support his views is because she got caught.

Do you know what’s darkly ironic? Earlier this year, we lost Elie Wiesel. Wiesel survived the Holocaust, which he recount in his most famous novel, Night. He and his wife Marion founded the Elie Wiesel Foundation to help combat the type of injustice and inequality that lead to the Holocaust through youth outreach.

Wouldn’t that be something if, the same year we lost one of the most outspoken American Holocaust survivors, we elected a party of blatant Neo-Nazi sympathizers into power throughout the country?

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