‘Ya’le Ready For This?’: ‘SNL’ Introduces The 2016 Candidates — So Far (VIDEO)

“SNL” has a 40-year tradition of lampooning and spoofing presidents, and the candidates aspiring to be one. From Chevy Chase’s Jerry Ford to John Lovitz’s Michael Dukakis, “Saturday Night Live” can always be counted on to deliver the goods on politics and politicians — and don’t expect this 2016 cycle to be any exception.

Just to show us they are serious about this upcoming POTUS election, “Saturday Night Live” offered us this treat… a “clubbin'”-like tribute to the GOP candidates (so far).

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We have bass playin’ Mike Huckabee (yeah, he doesn’t give a huck), and Meet Carly Fiorina, a “girl on FIoRE!!!!”

Then meet the guy who is anti-government, anti-gay marriage and pro-marijuana… Rand Paul!!!!

And beyond that, Mitt Romney’s black light, day glo dance just can’t be missed.

Check out the insanity of the GOP field, below:


When you are done laughing, remember that this is probably the most radically right wing, insane GP field the GOP has ever assembled. You have been warned… but in the meantime, enjoy the laughs… cause it’s funny.

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