Xenophobia And Racism Following #Brexit Is So Vile It Will Make You Cringe (Screenshots)

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union is all Americans can talk about, and it’s not because your casual political observer is a master of European history and policy. Rather, it’s the consequences that lead a very similar democracy to make such a rash decision that has the few thinking people in America left all worried. What makes the #Brexit so infuriating (besides of its stupid text-speak name) is the diametrically opposed explanations behind it.

For example, some regard it as a good thing and a corollary of years upon years of elitist technocrats (like Tony Blair and Hilary Clinton) uplifting the poor and working class. Bernie Sanders, for instance, issued a very stark warning to the Democratic Party leadership that “if they don’t wake up to the profound dissatisfaction of the poor and working classes in the United States, they may very well wake up to a similar shock experienced by many in the United Kingdom last week when a majority—fueled largely by financial frustrations—chose to leave the European Union.” Conversely, many miserably uninformed Britons (Trump voters with a British accent) voted purely out of a xenophobic fear of foreigners.

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Now we Americans have a pretty stereotypical view of Britsh people, thanks in part to shows like Downton Abbey. But there’s actually two very separate types of Britons. For example, there’s the posh and high-minded tea drinkers who squabble endlessly over Cricket in a civilized fashion; then there are the toothless drunken scrubs who speak in cockney and you can’t understand a damn thing they say. Well, the latter of the two just showed a sickening display of racism.

Scores of people have reported racist abuse following Britain’s decision to leave the EU. “Who the f*ck is Allah” and “No more Polish vermin” could be heard being shouted outside Newcastle.



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It’s a good thing rabid xenophobia and racism like that would never happen in America. Oh, wait….

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