WTF? Trump’s 1999 Op-Ed About Racism Has To Be Seen To Believe

It’s not often that I stare at my computer screen with my jaw hanging down and my eyes comically bulging out of my head, but reading this 1999 LA Times op-ed allegedly written by Donald Trump was like, as Raw Story suggests, like looking into an alternate reality. In our reality, Donald trump is a loud mouthed jackass pandering to racists by speaking like a 10-year-old. In this other reality set in 1999, Donald Trump absolutely rakes then-candidate Pat Buchanan over the coals for “rewriting history and spreading fear for one purpose: To gain political power. That makes him a very dangerous man.”

Yeah, Donald TRUMP, the man currently rewriting history from minute to minute and spreading fear to win an election tore the legendarily racist Buchanan to shreds. And he did it with, I kid you not, no small amount of eloquence:

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The argument I am having with Buchanan is not an academic exercise. Yes, it began with the publication of his recent book, but the dispute quickly moved to the heart of public life. Buchanan is now arguing his position in the context of a presidential campaign. He not only is seeking to rewrite history but to have his shabby and dangerous views ratified by popular vote.

Buchanan winks at barbarism in his new book. There is no other way to describe his views. Buchanan argues that we should have ignored Hitler’s rampage to Eastern Europe during World War II. Hitler meant us no harm, Buchanan says. The same man who argued forcefully–and in my opinion correctly–that we should not give an inch during the Cold War is now saying in effect that Hitler should have been appeased.

The rest of the op-ed is just as well written and just as devastating. If 2016 Trump was that coherent and thoughtful, there’s a good chance he would be president come January 2017. Instead, we have the Trump that says, “I know words, I have the best words.” What happened between 1999 and now?

There are three options here: 1. Trump did NOT write this op-ed. Someone much smarter and far more coherent ghostwrote it for him. He should probably hire that person to write his speeches now. 2. He wrote this op-ed but has since decided that Buchanan’s style of politicking could work if done the right way. 3. He wrote this op-ed but has since suffered some kind of brain trauma, leaving us with the buffoon we’re currently observing wreck the Republican Party.

Frankly, I’m going for option one because the other two are too horrible to contemplate. If Trump is running a con on the GOP base, the fact that it’s working says nothing good about the future of American politics. If Trump is serious but deranged, it says dangerously bad things about the future of American politics.

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