WTF: Ivanka Trump ‘Sightseeing’ In Croatia With Vladimir Putin’s GF (IMAGES)

The jet-setting crowd is pretty small, admittedly. However, common sense tells us that if your father is running for president amid accusations of a “Russian connection,” one would avoid snuggling up to the President of Russia’s girlfriend while “sightseeing.” But, not if you are a Trump and Ivanka Trump has proved that to the whole world by publically sharing photos of herself doing exactly that.

Sight seeing with @wendimurdoch in Dubrovnik

A photo posted by Ivanka Trump (@ivankatrump) on Aug 14, 2016 at 8:04am PDT

The two, Ivanka Trump and Wendi Deng Murdoch (yes, Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife), are “BFFs” so you can expect to hear them defend this trip with wounded eyes and cries of “unfair media bias.” However, it would be very simple to just NOT have visited, unless there was some overwhelmingly important reason for the get-together.

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This is either incompetence, a publicity stunt, or something more pressing; regardless of which it is yet another gaffe by the family. Trumps apparently don’t have to think before they act, they have a gold-encrusted safety net of yes-men to break their fall should they be caught in an embarrassing situation.

Donald Trump, Ivanka’s creepy daddy dearest, has been flaunting a connection to Russia for a long time. He has been known to praise Putin for killing journalists, among other things.

Recently, however, he decided to call on “Russia” to spy on his opponent, Hillary Clinton, for him (which he later said was “sarcasm”). Now, even Republicans are concerned about Trump’s connection to the Russian oligarchs. The media began to dig and more and more ugly information about the Trump family, and those involved intimately with his campaign, keep surfacing.

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Information like the 12.7 MILLION dollars in payments to his campaign manager Paul Manafort recently uncovered in documents that lead to yet another connection to Russia.

Ivanka Trump went visiting a woman who is dating Vladimir Putin while her father is embroiled in some of his worst weeks ever. Donald Trump’s base probably wouldn’t care if he french-kissed Putin while shooting a journalist in the middle of the Kremlin, so they will probably ignore this, too. But there is far too much coincidence to ignore yet ANOTHER line connecting Trump to Russia.

Featured image via Instagram

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