Writer’s Tale Of Survival At ‘Trump’ Magazine Tells Us All We Need To Know About A Trump Presidency

The headline on Carey Purcell’s Politico article reads, “I Survived ‘Trump’ Magazine — Barely.”

Upon first glance one might think it was hyperbole – typical of our internet headlines these days, fighting to grab readers’ attention in the seconds available during the page scroll.

Yet, this statement wasn’t hyperbole at all.

Purcell started working at Trump Magazine in the fall of 2006. She explains that it was her first job out of journalism school. She accepted the receptionist job at Trump magazine for $25,000 per year. Yet, even with such a meager salary, her paychecks sometimes bounced. She writes:

I had been at Trump magazine for only four months when my first paycheck bounced.

The first time it happened, accounting reissued paychecks and covered the bounced check fees. She says later in the article that after it happened again, rather than re-issuing paychecks, someone handed her a “brown paper bag filled with hundred-dollar bills to cover for the company’s lack of payroll funds.”

Of course, as we could expect, problems weren’t limited to just lack of payroll funds. She describes the office environment as being chaotic. The man at the top of Trump Magazine was Michael Jacobson, who had a history of feuding with the publishers. He apparently also had little understanding of technology or project management, as she described inefficiencies in the office, like having no company-wide database of subscriptions. She writes, “All the information was stored in Excel spreadsheets that were emailed back and forth.”

Umm, if we think the Healthcare.gov website roll-out was rough, we “haven’t seen nothin’ yet” if Trump were to take the White House. Certainly, Trump himself would have little to do with the actual organization of any project – but, clearly, he has issues selecting the right people to do the work. No wonder his catch phrase is, “You’re Fired!” Maybe if he said, “you’re hired” to the RIGHT people he wouldn’t have to say those other two words so often.

Only reinforcing the idea that Trump doesn’t hire the “right” people, Purcell also stated that the creative and editorial director threw “explosive temper tantrums” and would often threaten to quit – actually doing it once, but soon returning. She gave detail about odd visitors to the office, not having enough ink and paper to print media kits, electricity being turned off for lack of payment and even eviction notices.

Purcell also struggled with the content pushed in the publication for which even the creative and editorial director described as “wealth porn.”

I tried to train myself to ignore the magazine’s sexist content, which proved difficult—especially when the end-of-year “Trumptastic Gift Guide” featured a picture of a young blonde woman wearing a pink babydoll nightie and holding a Trump teddy bear, her mouth suggestively open.

However, all of that pales in comparison to her own personal ordeal. Purcell was diagnosed with stage 3 thyroid cancer while working at Trump magazine. As the company was failing, she was undergoing cancer treatment and after she found work elsewhere, she was dependent upon Cobra insurance for her continued treatments. She was assured that she could continue her insurance (that she paid for, of course) until her new employer’s insurance was available, except in a matter of weeks the company declared bankruptcy and her insurance was canceled. Yes, that’s right, she was a cancer patient without health insurance – after working for a company that went bankrupt – a company named after a man who is currently running for President of the United States.

Through her own efforts and fighting with insurance, while undergoing cancer treatments, and starting a new job, she was able to get it all worked out.

This story is of just one individual and their experience working with and being dependent upon Trump’s leadership. While Trump was not hands on with the magazine and it’s reported that he never stepped foot in the office, his name was on this product. The brand was his.

With numerous stories of contractors who were stiffed by Trump and his ilk, multiple bankrupt businesses, his horrendous views regarding sexual harassment, his blatant misogyny, and of course, the hatred he spews from the stumps – this man is simply not fit to be president. His business experience, his personality traits, his ethics – all say so.

Featured image via NY Daily News (Modified) 

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