Wow! 80% Of Registered Republicans Agree With Bernie Sanders On Citizens United

Today’s Republican party has devolved into the screaming codger on the street corner, only the codger takes a day off from time to time. Ever since the million moron (or moran) army of angry white guys of the Tea Party usurped the Republican party, republicans in Congress have done the bidding of this tiny fragment of crazy people. Basically, one party is playing with its own feces while the other tries to do the adult stuff. Moreover, partisan rancor and discourse is are at a piercing cacophony due to the mainstream media, eagerly willing to smear each other and distort information (we’re looking at you, Fox News) so much that Congress can’t even pass a fart.

But all of these political cleavages notwithstanding, a sizable majority of registered republicans wholeheartedly agree with Senator Bernie Sanders on the issue of money in politics, particularly Citizens United.

Even if the media loves to portray Bernie Sanders as some kooky fringe candidate who would pick Grandpa Simpson as his running-mate, he doesn’t yell at empty furniture at political conventions and is actually very mainstream. In fact, Bernie is much more in line with the sensible Republicans of the past, including Teddy Roosevelt and Ike Eisenhower. He can’t help that corporations and Jesus freaks made the party so extreme that guys like Nixon would be water-boarded and sent to Gitmo. At any rate, a new CBS/New York Times poll found that 80 percent of Republicans agree with Sanders on the issue of getting money out of politics.

Here are some of the CBS/NYT poll findings:

– 80% of Republicans believe that money has too much influence in our politics.

– 54% believed that most of the time candidates directly help those who gave money to them.

– 81% of Republicans felt that the campaign finance system needed fundamental changes (45%) or a complete rebuild (36%).

– 64% are pessimistic that changes will be made to reform the campaign finance system.

– 71% want to limit the amount that individuals can give to campaigns.

– 73% felt that super PAC spending should be limited by law.

– 76% thought that superPACs should be required to disclose their donors.

Hmmm…now what candidate for president supports all of these ideas. Oh yeah–Bernie Sanders!

The only difference of opinion  that Republicans have from the rest of the country is that a sizable number (48%) feel that money is free speech, and they believe that both parties benefit equally (62%). But what the overall poll shows is that Bernie Sanders is very much in keeping with the majority of the American electorate on key issues. So maybe now the media can stop treating him like a guy yelling at an empty chair at a political convention.

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