8 Of The Worst Lies From The GOP In Last Night’s Debate

One thing CNBC debate moderators learned quickly in their televised debate was that republicans like to invent their own reality. There should be a special disease the American Psychiatric Association can name after Fox News for this problem.

The GOP lies were everything from tax cuts for the middle class to helping students, but even Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio were high above the rest with a convenient neglect of legitimacy and truthfulness. Here’s a tip to them: if you have to make it up and spin it, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

Check out these 8 worst lies from last night:

1. The GOP Tax Plan cuts taxes for everyone!

The candidates were breaking their necks trying to claim who had the best tax plan last night, but I guess “best tax plan” to them means who is giving more money to corporations. The Tax Foundation predicts that Senator Marco Rubio’s tax plan would result in a $6 trillion revenue hole. That’s a problem if you care anything about running a government at all. Jeb Bush’s, on the other hand, would only add $3.4 trillion to the debt. But Trump’s is the worst, with a $12 trillion price tag, and that doesn’t even include this wall he wants to build. Although he says Mexico is going to pay for that. Each plan prioritizes cuts to taxes for corporations, not middle class Americans.

2. Rubio works hard for the people of Florida.

Poor Marco Rubio had a bad night fighting against his former bestie, but Bush was right. Even Rubio’s own hometown newspaper is furious over their ROI on the Senator. He’s missed 34 percent of the votes in the Senate this year. Conservatives are mad he missed the Planned Parenthood vote. The military industrial complex is mad he missed the defense reauthorization vote and a ton of hearings and briefings on national security. Not to mention missed votes on trade and education.

3. Carly Fiorina is running for president based on her “successful” business record.

How Fiorina defines success is troubling. First there are the 30,000 people laid off at Hewlett-Packard who she basically called worthless. She was forced to resign after their stock plummeted 53 percent. Her $24 billion merger with Compaq was a flop. When she was gone the company’s stock went up 10.5 percent, all the while, she was scoring a $21.4 million severance package with an additional $21.1 million in pensions, stock options and stock holdings.

4. Republicans promise to protect Social Security.

Lie. Lie. Lie. Ben Carson literally called Social Security a Ponzi scheme. Rubio’s plan would raise the retirement age so seniors have to work longer. Bush agrees, saying we need to raise the retirement age from 65 to 70 years old. So would Rand Paul. Christie isn’t much better, he wants to raise it to 69. Canadian Ted Cruz wants to means test it.

5. Rubio wants to help students and cares about the cost of college.

Rubio cares about the cost of college about as much as he cares about his job in the U.S. Senate. For someone who talked a lot last night about having debt and having to foreclose on a house, he wants to hurt others who have suffered as much as he has, but without the million dollar book deal. First, he’d kill the Department of Education entirely. He doesn’t think that students should be able to refinance their loans. He flat out opposed President Obama’s plan for college affordability. He opposed cutting student loan interest rates. Finally, he’d cut Pell Grants. FAIL.

6. Republicans care about equal pay for equal work.

Since when?! Rubio had the gal, to say in a floor speech “I just think we’re wasting time” while the Senate was discussing these equal pay bills. But hell, at least he knew with paycheck fairness was. Jeb can’t even consider himself that lucky. In New Jersey they had a state version of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and salary transparency for government contractors. Under Governor Chris Christie, both bills were vetoed. Classy. Heck, just last year, the Post and Courier said that Carly Fiorina called the Paycheck Fairness Act “propaganda.” These are the people we’re dealing with here…

7. Marco Rubio is a champion for the middle class.

Dude, your lazy ass can’t even show up to work. When Rubio does decide to vote, they’re not helping anyone in the middle class. He voted against students. He voted against paid family leave, and get this, he even opposed it for new mothers who had just given birth. Asshole. He called raising the minimum wage silly and a waste of time. Like it’s somehow going to be his time, he can’t even show up to do the job. Finally, his tax plan would give rich people who don’t have to work a free ride on taxes. How does this help the middle class again?

8. Republicans say President Obama has killed the economy.

Oh, how quickly they like to change the story about what happened to our economy in 2007 and 2008, long before President Obama took office. Since he has been in office, however, we have had 67 consecutive months of private sector job growth. More Americans have held full-time jobs in August 2015 than ever before. The private sector has added 13.2 million jobs to the market. Not including the 142,000 from last month. The unemployment rate has held steady at its lowest rate since 2008, before Obama took office with jobless claims at a 42-year low.

If there’s one thing the GOP likes to do it is create its own facts to fit their narrative. But if you’re going to invent the truth, you should probably have the record to back it up. Last night, these candidates did not.

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