World-Famous Doctor Says Hillary Might Be The Victim Of Poisoning

Dr. Bennet Omalu is a well-known Nigerian-American forensic pathologist who made headlines when he discovered that many former pro football players had suffered brain damage from their time playing the game. The story of his discovery and his battle against the NFL is told in the movie Concussion, starring Will Smith. Now Omalu is making headlines again, with a recommendation that Hillary Clinton be thoroughly tested to see if she is being poisoned.

Omalu first made his recommendation via Twitter on September 11.

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That tweet brought down mockery on the man who unabashedly describes himself on the social media platform as the “world’s leading expert on forensic pathology and forensic neuropathology.”

But as one of his followers, celebrity doctor Gabriela Cora, reminded the detractors,

Omalu explained his concern about potential poisoning in another tweet.

Is Omalu’s concern unfounded? Probably. But before anyone puts him in the same category with Alex-Jones-following foil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorists, we need to put his thoughts in perspective. And that perspective has a name: Alexander Litvinenko.

Litvinenko was a former KGB agent who was living in London. An outspoken critic of Putin, he accused the Russian leader of corruption and even leveled charges of pedophilia against him. Litvinenko died in 2006, following a diagnosis that he had been exposed to radiation poisoning due to ingesting radioactive polonium. Before he died, Litvinenko revealed that he believed Putin was behind his poisoning. This past January a British judge, after a nearly ten-year review of the evidence, concluded that Litvinenko was probably right.

It is highly unlikely that Trump would be directly involved with the poisoning of a political rival. But Putin has made no secret of which candidate is his choice in this election, and he knows that he would have a vastly easier time manipulating an America run by Trump than one run by Clinton.

Omalu was the subject of criticism and ridicule over his findings about NFL players, too. But he refused to back down and was eventually proven correct. Winning a fight against a multi-billion dollar sports enterprise is one thing, accusing a foreign leader of being involved in a conspiracy to murder an American presidential candidate is quite another, and would be far more difficult to prove, even if a toxicology report were to reveal potential poisoning.

As Dr. Cora observed in a response to Omalu’s tweet, all the doctor was doing was making a suggestion that Clinton be tested for poisoning, and she thinks it is a sound recommendation. As The Donald himself might say, “What the hell does she have to lose?”

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