Women Rule At Obama Press Conference, And The Right Goes Crazy (IMAGES)

President Obama held his year end press conference at the White House on Friday. He started out the question and answer session by saying that White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest had given him “the ‘who’s been naughty and who’s been nice’ list.” The president then proceeded to call on only female reporters. As you might expect, this has driven the right wing into another fit of crazed condemnation of Obama.

The Washington Times reported the news straight up, with no commentary or spin. Their readers took care of that.

Glenn Beaton suggests that somehow, calling on only women at a press conference proves that the president is “corrupt.”

Obama is corrupt, says reader

Another commenter, going by the name “Flat Foot” thinks that this move was more evidence of how Obama is dividing the country.

Flat Foot says this is proof he is dividing the country.

“Truthsayer 3” thinks this is another way to “demean” the office of the president. But, Bush constantly leaning on his forearm at the podium was probably fine with him (her?).

Truthsayer 3 thinks this demeaned the office of president.


If you like your misogyny straight up, with a side of ridicule for the mentally handicapped, “EndBigGovernment” has the comment for you.

endBig Government doesn't hide his misogyny

Decide for yourself what “monacall” was trying to say.

monacall is calling names

The anti-Obama comments continue on Hot Air.

The site, HotAir also features an amazing array of clueless comments about the all female press conference.

“Newtie and the Beauty” fills the role of making sure that someone insults the First Lady.

Newtie and the Beauty takes a shot at Michelle Obama

“NOMOBO” takes the prize for the most misogynistic remark (so far).

NOMOBO doesn't like "wimmins" apparently

Nobody has trashed gay or transgender people yet? “Mark1971” takes care of that.

Mark1971 says Obama will only take questions from trannies

“onlineanalyst” tried to be clever, working in race and the long dead “connection” to Bill Ayers in one comment.

onlineanalyst brings up Bill Ayers

The National Review is where all the “smart” conservatives gather, right?

National Review Online wrote a piece about how MSNBC “gushed” over President Obama’s press conference. The comments there, from the supposedly upper crust conservatives who read their “intelligent” commentary were just as bad.

After Charles Reichley finishes a revisionist history lesson, he compares the president to a wife beater.

Charles Reichley needs a history lesson

“MichelleNotTHATOne” works in some not so subtle racism in her comment.

MichelleNotTHATOne makes a subtle racist remark


“Leigh” is even more “in your face” racist.

Leigh's racist comment

President Obama does something good, the right turns it into something bad.

Well, you get the idea. President Obama does something good for female reporters, who have long been second class citizens when it comes to covering hard news, especially in Washington, and the Obama hating nuts who hang on every word of right wing media use it as yet another excuse to ridicule the man. Totally missed in the right’s coverage of the press conference was the fact that these female reporters asked some pretty insightful questions. For example, Cheryl Bolen asked about working with the new Republican congress on tax reform. Julie Pace asked him about the announced changes in U.S.-Cuba relations. Colleen McCain Nelson questioned the president on getting his legislative agenda through congress.

And the males? Apparently frustrated that the women ruled the day, the best question any male reporter could manage was this one, shouted out after the president had wrapped up the briefing: “What’s your New Year’s resolution?”

Image via Gabe Ortiz/Twitter

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