Women Block Entrance To Trump Tower: ‘Trump Thinks He Runs This Town, Pu**y Came To Shut It Down.’ (VIDEO)

Women have had it with Trump’s misogyny, which is really just an extension of the GOP’s standard mode of operation. Even before the Billy Bush tape, Trump was struggling with securing the vote of American women and now it looks like it’s even more of a hopeless endeavor.

A group of women, which included many sexual assault survivors, formed a human chain outside of Trump Tower this morning to send the billionaire a message. And they did so, loud and clear.

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With the GOP and Donald Trump in their sights, about 60 women blocked the entrance of Trump Tower while employees arrived to work. They held signs that read “GOP Hands Off Me!” and “Pussies In Formation.”

Organizer Brigid Flaherty told Gothamist that the women dressed in all black as “a sign of militancy: that women are fighting back.”

During the protest which ended around 8:30 a.m., the women shouted chants that proved the issue with Trump’s statement had nothing to do with “offensive language” and everything to do with the actions he described.

“Trump thinks he runs this town, pussy came to shut it down.”

I think that has a nice ring to it. Perhaps Hillary Clinton can take note. While it’s too late to replace “Stronger Together” it might be a perfect fit for her victory!

Watch the video of women protesting at Trump Tower, here:

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