Woman Pelted By Eggs At Trump Rally Admits She Angered Protesters (VIDEO)

It was an ugly scene at the Trump rally in San Jose, with clashes between supporters of the candidate-who-would-be-king and his detractors. And you had better believe that conservatives have made the most of the incidents, even posting lies that claimed protesters attacked and bloodied two women.

But the incident that has gotten the most media attention is one where a young woman was pelted with eggs as she entered the rally. Now that woman is speaking out, and admitting that she may have had a hand in what happened to her.

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Rachel Casey is the 29-year-old who was involved in the clash with protesters. The video that has been shown so far shows her getting hit with eggs thrown by protesters. Not something anyone would condone, obviously, but we are now finding out what led up to that moment, thanks to new video provided by Casey herself.

Casey spoke to Inside Edition, where she insisted that the protesters started the confrontation. She said,

They started it with me. I stood up for myself like any other American would.

But she also admits that her behavior may have angered the protesters. The video Casey took with her phone shows a protester flipping her the middle finger, and Casey responding by doing the same. Following that she was hit by a sign being held by one of the protesters, and then came the eggs.

When asked about her actions, Casey said, “Yeah, maybe I egged them on, but I was just sticking up for myself.”

An exchange of middle fingers shouldn’t necessarily lead to anything more, but it appears now that if Casey had merely gone about her business, there would have been no issues. But like her hero The Donald, she had to hit back, and the response only produced more abuse.

Now Inside Edition reports that Casey has been asked to join Trump on stage at future rallies, to which she has apparently agreed. And she’s still putting up her “poor me” face. She said that she was thankful that she wasn’t hit by rocks and bricks.

The story of another “innocent” conservative hero, attacked by raging, anti-free speech liberals goes down hard.

Here’s the video, via Inside Edition:

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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