Woman Kicked Out Of Trump Rally For Being Muslim (VIDEO)

In fewer than 24 hours, two people have been kicked out of Trump rallies. One wasn’t allowed to bring his coat and another was kicked out simply for being Muslim.

The first was on Thursday night in Burlington, VT, when Trump had a protester ejected from his rally. The man simply booed and Trump wanted none of that. The crowd cheered when Trump told his security guards to confiscate the man’s coat.

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On Friday, a Muslim woman went to a Trump rally in South Carolina because she was curious and because she wanted to let Trump’s supporters actually see a real-live Muslim. She was wearing a hijab and a t-shirt that said, “Salam I come in peace.” The crowd, though, didn’t want to see a Muslim and the epithets began to fly. Soon, she was escorted out while Trump ironically accused Muslims of being full of hatred.

Here’s that video:

As if we needed more proof that Trump is not presidential material. Leaders of state have to be in rooms with people they don’t like and with people who don’t agree with them. Can you imagine Trump dealing with a Congress that’s as hostile toward him as Republicans are to Obama? Nothing would get done, but there would be a ton of Twitter wars.

Featured image via video screen capture.

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